Monday, September 13, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Happy September 13th lovely readers! I made it to work sadly. Nicky poo and I have a grumble session every morning, which makes waking up more fun and easier in a way. We'll lay there for about 10 minutes and kick and scream (okay, that's only me) and grumble how we don't want to go to work. And ask each other, "Do we really have to go?" I recommend trying it, even if you don't have someone laying next to you, it's good to get out those morning grumbles out early :)

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, I know mine was (which is why I didn't want it to end). Saturday was my normal routine: Gym, then grocery shop! After a FABULOUS workout sesh and dropping some dinero on some comida, I headed over to my parentals to get some sun on my pasty preggo behind. That night, the mister and I did our nightly ritual: watched Lost. Nick and I watched it all the way through season 5, then he went ahead and watched the final season w/out me so he knows what's going on and I don't. So we started it over completely and are sitting cozy at season 3 right now (when it starts getting interesting in my opinion). I've heard a couple spoilers of how season 6 ends, so I'm keeping them all in mind while I re-watch the whole series to see if any of them make sense. Oh and what else did I do Saturday night? I made pumpkin cookies!! With that little fall weather teaser Sacramento had last week, it got me in the mood to break out some Fall recipes. I was too lazy to take my own picture, so here is what they look like via a google search

These little gem's are soooooo delicious and I'm actually pretty P.O'd that I forgot to grab some for work today, BA! The little things in life, right? haha. Sunday was another fabulous day because it was FOOTBALL DAY!!! Sadly the Broncos lost by a touchdown and that just sucks. While Nick watched the rest of the games, I visited with the ladies (mamacita and sister) and we did our own little Iron Chef experiment. We all had to make a creation using 1 common ingredient which my niece had picked out: Top Ramen? Yup, Top Ramen. I relied on my trusty method of doing anything: googling. So I googled recipes using Top Ramen and came out with this nacho type of concoction. It was: a layer of cheese Doritos, cooked chicken flavored top ramen, chunks of cooked chicken and some shredded cheese on top (it really wasn't that bad actually). My sister made Chinese chicken salad, my mom made a peanut butter/melted chocolate chips with dry top ramen, and my niecey poo made pudding cups with dry top ramen. HAHA, it was interesting to say the least.

Have a lovely start to the week ladies and gents !



Newlyweds on a Budget said...

Let me know what you think about the Lost finale when you get to it. I watched it from beginning to end...

I tried baking bread didn't turn out so hot. But maybe I can make homemade cookies?

erin said...

The hubs and I TOTALLY do the whole "do we have to go to work" thing! We always say, "We could just call in sick," but we never do it. I love it, though!

And we are HUGE Lost fans!!