Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who wants a long weekend?!

I would LOVE another long weekend. I feel like I need 1 more day to get the things done I want to get done. Little Miss Daisy Mae needs a pedicure bad, along with a nice long bath. So I'm taking her to Petsmart for sure to get all that done. Along with the gym, making more pumpkin cookies, hanging out with my familia, grocery shopping, football, etc. Whewy!

So yesterday my awesome mother in law took me to Motherhood Maternity for a little girl shopping. Let me just tell you about that place if you've never been there: the sales assosiates are pretty cool. Sure, it's bordering the line of going to Victoira's Secret where they convince you to get stuff from a sale they SWEAR is the best of the season, but their such a great help! The girl started a dressing room for me and then continued to add more things in there she thought I'd like based off of my style I was going for. Needless to say, it was like having a personal shopper and I loved it! I immediately asked the girls working there where Heidi Klum's line was (I'd love to look like her after Troy + 2 more pop out!). Another funny thing when trying on clothes at MM? they have a fake bump you can strap on that adds 3-4 months so you can know what will fit you then. It was pretty funny to see. I walked away with these HOT pieces!!!

A lot of the sweaters are going to look really good with some boots (or uggs! haha) and the leggings. I am ready and set for fall and winter!!



A Real Housewife said...

you're going to look great!! leggings and long tops will totally be your best friends in a couple months. and yes, the sales women at motherhood are the best!

KLaw said...

You scored some really cute stuff! ANd it cracks me up to see these 8 months "pregnant" models on their websites in 4" stilletos. My fat feet couldn't do anything but flip flops after month 6. Although I was pregnant in south florida in the summer... but still. Completely unrealistic. Ha ha!