Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day weekend is upon us!

Good morning cupcakes - rise and shine, it's Friday which means at 4:00pm today, starts my long 3 day weekend! As I've previously posted, my sister, mom, and niecey poo are doing a little getaway to Santa Barbara for the weekend to see David Grey. It's not really Nick or my dad's sorta music style, so they will be staying back. I will admit, I'm a total lovesick loser, and after (almost) 6 years of marriage, I will miss Nick. It's always good to get away with your girlfriends (and my mom and sister are 2 of my BEST girlfriends) and do fun girl stuff.
Tonight I plan on hitting the gym, packing, and crashing since it'll be an early morning for me. I want to squeeze in some cardio before we get on the road and I sit for 6 hours, so I think 45 minutes on the elliptical shall suit me just fine. While we're on workouts, my sister and I plan on waking up earlier than my mom and niecey poo Sunday morning to get a relaxing (I'm 5.5 months pregnant, it'll be SLOW haha) jog near the beach and in the pretty neighborhood where our hotel is. It's bound to be a great time, and I can't think of a better group of girls to go with.
Now, baby stuff. We picked up some paint samples at Home Depot for Troy's nursery. Here is the bedding we registered for:

we registered for the wallpaper and a couple of the other things in this picture. The color they have on the walls, is the color we're looking to paint his room. We'll probably paint sometime either late this month or beginning next month. Speaking of next month, I'm going to be in my 3rd trimester next month! Pump the breaks on this pregnancy, time is seriously flying by! I know I still have all of this month, but I feel like I just got into my 2nd trimester.
You know what else happens at the end of this month (besides my birfday of course--the 27th for those who wanna send a gift haha)? FALL!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite things of fall: the smell, the leaves changing, Halloween!!, HOT Starbucks beverages (hot apple cider, nonfat mocha's), pumpkin and apple scneted candles, having a fire in the fireplace, cold weather, chunky sweaters with leggings, boots! Ahhhh.

For those of you who live in the Sacramento area, all I have to say is: Apple Hill. For those of you who don't live in the 916 area code, Apple Hill is like going back in time to a much simpler time. The air smells like apple cider, apple pie, apple anything. Mixed with pumpkin anything, and a touch of fireplaces. They have pumpkin patches in the fall, and hay rides, and face painting, the COOLEST craft tables set up, a fudge factory, etc. I posted about it daaaaaaaaaaaaaays ago when we went last year.



Cherie said...

Enjoy Apple Hill for me. I am sad I am missing it this year. I love fall in California!

T.K Banderley said...

Love all the pictures! I really want fall :)