Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bachelorette catchup

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Its no secret, I was pulling for my boy JP on the Bachelorette. To those of you who don't watch the classiness that is The Bachelorette, JP Rossenbaum. But can I just speak on a few things for a moment? A couple things that sorta rubbed me the wrong way with Mr. JP.

First - when JP was on a group date with 2 other guys, he got CRAZY jealous when other guys got their turn with her. Like he was pacing sorta pissed. Then when a guy had an alone date with Ashley and didn't come back until the following morning? OOO WEEEE. The boy didn't like that and stormed out of the room. He says its all because he is falling for Ashley and has these deeps feelings, blah blah blah. Honestly, I don't really take any of these dudes feelings for real. Your on a TV show looking for love with 20 other guys competeting and there is a sexy little vixen on the line that may or may not hook up with you.

But with all that aside, JP was always my favorite and he won the game! Err...I mean, won the girl. The ring he picked out was gorgeous. A 3.5 carat Neil Lane diamond baby! Honestly though, I really liked the ring Ben had picked out better. It was a little more unique than the diamonds across the band and the mother of all diamonds on the top. They were both gorgeous, but just in my opinion, I would have liked Ben's on my finger more than the one JP picked

JP's Pick/Ashley's engagement ring she chose

Oh and what did you guys think of Bens reaction? Im actually really happy he reacted that way. I mean, Ashley actually let him go to 1 knee and propose and then she expects them to still be all friendly when she turned it out? C'mon girl, get real!!


erin said...

Oh, I LOVED Ben's reaction. She was all surprised that he was angry. Um, HELLO, he's not going to be your biggest fan the minute after you reject him, Ashley! She just seems so clueless and lacking in judgment, but maybe she and JP will be happy. Who knows?

Raven said...

OOOOHH JP is so freakin hot! HOT!!! and Ben, ashley should have never let him get down and propose. Little brat! But man, JP is just the whole package. Ashley's stupid sister was just jealous and wanted him to herself.

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

In ashley defense (which Im not sure why Im defending her she is a total air head) she did try to talk to him and he told not to say anything to let him finish and then thats when he got down on one knee.. so she did at least try to keep him from humiliating himself.

I love JP, I kinda liked his jealous side.. IMO it showed he cared alot and didnt want others being with her.. more like protecting the one he loved.. but then on the other hand.. seriously dude.. its s how where "your girl" is also a bunch of others mens "girl" so get over it.. its the nature of the beast.. pretty much she's a playa till the game is ova!

but he is stinkin HOT.. however I would rather his head on constantines body.. he looks really small next to him.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

this has nothing to do with your post but lady you abs are killer!!!!!

Cait said...

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Cait said...

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