Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vlog? Open Question Sesh?

Happy Thursday peeps! I know I promised new house pics, but honestly my house hasn't seemed clean enough for me to take pictures. Baby toys are everywhere, but once the little dude goes down for a nap, I'll take some pics and post them soon!

So one of the most hilarious bloggers out there, Miss Raven, posted an open question session & answered in the form of a Vlog. Well I have never done a vlog because I didn't think there would be much interest in it on California Dreamin. So my question for the day is this - do you have any questions for moi? Would you like me to answer them in Vlog form? Im not the shyest of girls (sorry mom), so any question (within reason) is acceptable!


Jenni said...

It took me forever to post pics of my house too! Even when I finally did, I wasn't thrilled with the cleanliness of the place, but had been making empty promises for so long that I totally had to just do it.

erin said...

I think a vlog would be fun!