Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Some

Menage a Trois WINE that is... Im copying Miss Taylor and having a nice adult refreshment on this Tuesday evening. Don't judge. To go with that classy wine? Some chicken flavored top ramen.

We keep it classy around here.
So let me tell you an addiction lately - Pintrest. I know, I'm late in the game cause I've seen a lot of you girls post about your love for this addicting picture site. Seriously dudettes, I have been "repining" things left and right. One of those things would be holiday stuff.
Tell me this isn't the best (and easy on the wallet) way of getting your house ready for Halloween?

I mean, you could get all this at Michaels
And to keeping things within budget for Christmas decor, check this version out

Darling, just darling


Jenni said...

shannon and i had some mike's hard lemonade and nachos tonight...we're classy, too! ;)

&i have been seeing a lot of people blog/post on fb about pinterest but i have yet to try it, as i'm too afraid to become addicted!

Jill Smith said...

totally addicated to pinterest! such a fun site!

She Speaks said...

New to your blog- and love it. I too just found pinterest- and love it. Adore the candy corn candles, but what happens if you keep eating the corn?

Ryan K said...

Menage a Trois is one of my favorite reds and it's reasonably priced :) I'm not judging! I love wine and had some last night :) If your a fan of Menage try Red Diamond, it's great and around the same price.

Julie said...

I'm definitely going to do that Christmas version of the vases! I loooove it! Adorable blog by the way! :)

Kristin said...

we love that wine!! cheap too!