Thursday, August 25, 2011

This and That Thursday

Its Thursday and mama aint messin no more. We are moved in, we are starting to get a hang of our morning routines, so its time I get a WORKOUT routine more into play, right? Right! I really think I look pretty good for having a 7 month old (as of yesterday the crazy monster is 7 months old!). My stomach for the most part is flat again, I have some muscle definition back, but Im still not where I'd really love to be as my "Finally got my body banging and ready to wreck havoc" body.

With that said, I haven't signed up for the gym in town yet. I need to and will, its just buying a house sorta drains your bank account, so its 30 Day Shred & BL & Treadmill (courtesy of my mama's house) for the time being.

So ladies -
Monday - OFF
Tuesday - Shred & Run 2-3 miles
Wednesday - Shred & BL workout
Thursday - Shred & BL
Friday - Shred & Run 2-3 miles.

Its almost September which MEANS Fall (my favorite season), duh! But it also means my birfday is coming up - the 27th ladies, just ask for my bday wish list & I'll send it. Scratch that, I'll do a post on it. I do know Im getting some more ink from the hubby and its another reason I want to be looking more toned - so I can show it off!!

On my right side...gonna hurt like a mo fo.
On a way more serious note. THIS disturbs me. Actually down right pisses me off & I think she needs to be dropped off a parking garage structure. That is all.

And who had a dream about being pantless in the men's locker room with this guy? Yours truly... Football Season must be among us!


Breanna said...

Love Football & Tattoos! I will be 27 in sept too!

Have a great day!

Tales of a young mamma said...

I saw this guy in action last Saturday- sadly he didn't play too much, but Still!

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow? Ew. :)