Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wood, baby

Okay so not quite real wood, but laminate is just as nice in my pretty eyes. Since we've moved into our house, I seriously cannot stand the linoleum in our kitchen. It's the original laminate Im sure that the previous owners put in the house when they built it. Sometimes when I get in that "my house is a mess, I must scrub" mode, I still feel like my floors look like crap no matter how much Im on my knees scrubbing away. Don't believe me?

Kitchen floor (Daisy was a little ham and wanted to be in the pic)

Guest bathroom linoleum

Master bathroom linoleum

Our carpet

Seriously you guys, it drives me nuts. The carpet doesn't bother me, as it's fairly new, an okay color, and has a good feel when we walk on it, or in Troy's case, fall on it.

Since we will be good a pretty fair amount of moolah back from the government this year, I went ahead and put a slide show for Nick of why we should get hardwoods (in our case, why we should get laminates ASAP). Im not pulling your chain, I seriously put together a professional like powerpoint presentation with music and all, and presented it to Nick when he got home. Life of a stay at home mom, no? Trust me, it took a few hours considering the 1 year old taking up my attention.

We went and looked at laminate samples on Sunday and I'm pretty sure we have found the flooring. It's called Golden Acachia. So exotic, right?
the one in the middle

Im beyond excited, you guys have no idea. Its going to drastically change the look of the house and the feel. Then I can finally paint the kitchen that just doesn't scream "Karli's domain".
Im not really a fruit person unless its on a plate in front of me.

I must really be an adult if home improvements excite me this much. Its funny cause if I were given $50,000, the first thing I'd do is finish our basement when if you asked me 2 years ago, I'd say, "buy a new wardrobe". Of course the new wardrobe would come with whatever money I had left over from the basement.


Amber said...

I like your wood...lol cant wait to see! I can't believe you put a power point together. That is hilarious. Good luck!