Sunday, March 18, 2012

Because Im a Good Momma All Year...

The Jessica Simpson Alan Cowgirl boot
I REALLY think these would be a fabulous gift for my Mothers Day present :) If anyone knows my hubs, please send him a message ASAP. Lord knows I've randomly posted hints everywhere he might see. Their so hard to find, because they are an amazing boot!


Amber said...

You are tripping me out girl! I searched high and low for those boots and finally found a pair on ebay and paid over $200 for them. At first I felt a bit ripped off, but OMG I LOVE these boots! You totally deserve them!!

Just Jennifer said...

I'm not sure if this is blasphemous to say, but I'm not a huge Jessica Simpson fan. However, those boots are ON FIRE! I hope you get them for sure :)

JMB said... do KNOW that I stalked Ebay for these for a YEAR and they FINALLY popped up in my size one day last year and in MINT condition. I had found them one other time on there and got in a bidding war and lost!! To say that I was determined to WIN this time was an understatement....long story short...I BOUGHT THEM!! YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS BOOT....I am ready to break them out again with my summer dresses!!! You will love them.