Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sorry, but Im not sorry

So truth be told, I stopped watching this seasons Bachelor awhile ago. #1 - Ben bores me. The guy isn't attractive IMO, and seriously doesn't have much to him personality wise. #2 - I had heard a spoiler that he picked Courtney and the girl seriously got under my skin with how weird, manipulative, and nasty she was to the other girls. Plus Ben totally fell for her even tho she played a different person in front of him.

So who the heck watched The Bachelor Girls tell all? And who really bought this evil chick's tears?

Honestly, her crying was such an act in my opinion. This girl is talented- not only is she a model, but she can act too! And what is up with this puckering face she does when things get awkward for her? You know that one when she scrunches up her nose and makes her lips really tight, you guys know what Im talking about?

So ready for boring Ben's season to end and the gorgeous, sweet, angel Emily Maynard's season to start.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have watched this whole season. He's not attractive and very dull, imo, but I needed some trash to watch on Monday nights. And well this worked. Haha. She was SO fake last night I couldn't even believe it.

Ashley said...

I actually have a different opinion. Obviously, getting married as a result of this show is extremely rare so it's basically just a fun game for these people to play. I think the girls who take this seriously are so ridiculous! I think Courtney is the only smart one who realizes this is just a 15-minutes-of-fame deal and she is raking it in. Also, I think there is something off about Emily and I don't really believe her sweet angel stuff and I also don't believe she was in love with Brad at all so I wonder what she was doing. Another 15 minutes of famer, maybe? I like to watch these things. It's better that a sociology or psych class.

erin said...

This is the first full season of The Bachelor I have watched, so I guess I didn't have more exciting episodes to compare it to. Ben does bore me, and I don't find him attractive either, but I was really rooting for several of the girls. Courtney is despicable, and it serves Ben right if he picks her despite having been warned by several people that she's completely two-faced.