Thursday, March 22, 2012

Did You Think I Wouldn't Talk About It?

Thank y'all for all your recommendations on the fabulous Jessica Simpson cowgirl boot. You all are telling me I MUST get this boot and you love your pair and their worth every little grey hair you get from an Ebay bidding war. Im hearing you loud and clear girls, I WILL get these boots. I'm giving the hubs until Mothers Day to hook a sista' up, BUUUUT I might just have to ask him if he's planning on getting them and give the jig up cause if he isn't, Im buying the ones I saw before someone else does. Plus I don't know if you ladies remember, but Im doing a Boudoir photo shoot sometime in April/May. Whenever the weather and my body is ready. I'm trying to be really good, but Im such a muncher it's terrible. I make it sound way worse than it is, but like say I make Troy some chicken nuggets - I will pop 1 extra in there for me. Or say I make him a grilled cheese, I eat the crust that he will not touch. So yeah, someone, meaning ME, needs to stop that if I want to look smoking in this sorta photo:
and of course its almost the season for this LITTLE number...and I do mean little....

Another thing we shall discuss here and you girls who have no interest in football, can feel free to check out now cause its coming: Tim freaking Tebow.

I am a Bronco fan by marriage. Nick was a Bronco fan, so it only came natural. I wanted to support my mans cause and rock the same matching jersey's come Sunday. Since Tim Tebow was drafted, I cannot tell you all how excited I was. I mean, I loved the man from day one. When I say, LOVED THE MAN, Im not lying. Ask my's the real deal. I love his passion for his faith, I think he has potential to become a phenomenal QB, and he's easy on the eyes. Okay so it was headlining news that the Broncos signed Peyton Manning as QB and that meant Timmy T was going to be traded to who we now know is the New York Jets (You Jet fans are sooooo lucky).
This is my argument to Nick who tries to tell me this is GREAT for the Denver Broncos and this is a game/business.....Im well aware its a business and Peyton Manning is a hall of famer QB & with him the Broncos are going to win (hopefully). However, John Elway (former big star QB for Broncos years ago and now a manager for the team) has NEVER been behind Tim Tebow IMO. When he would beat around the bush last year saying that "Tim has potential" or "Im looking forward to seeing what he looks like in training camp" blah blah blah? I don't buy it Mr. Elway! You couldn't wait to get rid of Tim Tebow because:
1. He isn't your typical QB. He is a QB that will make the touchdown himself if he has to and he's WAY more physical than what his position requires. (Something I of course like haha). So that made John nervous
2. He completed 50% of passes or something like that. I know that sounds bad, BUT - he is still technically a rookie. He started for most all of the games last year and that is as far as his Bronco career has gone. IMO, he did ok considering the fact it was his 1st season starting in NFL games. With the NFL lockout before last years season, he didn't have a chance to work with trainers/coaches/etc. Give him a chance and work with the kid! Its not fair to bail on him when you haven't worked with him. Well obviously Johnny boy wasn't interested in working with him since Tim is considered a project.
3. We all know your a hall of fame QB, John, so it makes total sense you wanted a (one day) hall of fame QB like Peyton Manning. To me, its like your reliving your glory days via Peyton Manning. If John Elway actually believed in Tim Tebow, he wouldn't have traded him and had Peyton Manning mentor Tim Tebow. But he didn't. which is SOOOOO lame because Tim Tebow brought the Denver Broncos WAY more attention than they've had in YEARS. Just sayin.

END RANT.......


Amber said...

girl I knew you were going to talk about it:) And I totes put an extra fish stick in and eat the crust. Eating kid food is one of the perks of being a mom:)

Just Jennifer said...

Loving the breakdown on TT! I cannot seem to get myself to care that much about football (possibly why I'm still single?) but it's nice to have some info for parties and just general conversation HAHA!

Megan said...

Not a fan of football, but I am of Tebow!

AaaandL I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I love your blog!!

Here is the link

Anonymous said...

Elway was never a fan of Tebow. What a dick! Manning is a great asset for any team, but Tebow got screwed.