Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday ladies! I am on a procrastination mission today - packing (finally!), last minute laundry, cleaning up the bathrooms, painting my nails, etc is all happening today. So lets recap my weekend shall we?
1. Nick took me to the range today and I was just practicing my 2nd Amendment right. USA, USA, USA!
2. Summer is so close we can feel it. 
3. These glasses, I actually want to get myself to keep up with this hipster trend, but I think T Money pulls them off better
4. My roses are looking gorgeous and they make me smile every time I pull up to our house and see them
5. Pretty sure Im a natural at this shooting thing. Notice "Love" on my back as Im shooting a rifle? 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Y'all just doesn't sound the same...

...with a California accent. Im seriously Y'ALL (Yup, see, doesn't sound right w/out the Southern in it), I read all these cute pearl wearing, poof extrodinare (talking to you Miss PLL), big hat loving girls blogs, and I die. You girls are so cute and prim and proper and have the best selection of cowgirl boots I've ever seen! I lived in the south for 3 years. Actually, let me stop right there, do you girls in the South consider North Carolina "The South"? I've heard mixed reviews. Anyways - I lived there for 3 years an envied that twang with which they talk with. And now, 3 years after I've left "The South", I'm going back to visit my seeeeester and niece
tand some fabulous friends......
and some of this. Cause the closest one I got is quite the drive.
Oh and I'll be having some of this too....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Did you know? Catching Up

Oh Lordy ladies, Im getting a breather from cleaning and getting my shizz together for my vaca in North Carolina next week, so I thought I'd sit my firm booty on the couch and blog. Lets play catch up on life de Karli, shall we?

Next week I leave for North Carolina. I am spacing out and cannot remember if I told y'all about how Im going to visit my sister and niecey poo and some here is me telling you. Im going! I am a little stressed about flying with Troy, as its being broken up into 2 flights, which really is good, but that still means Im going to have a wild toddler in an airport. Im counting on him napping for 1 hour per flight, and the other 2 hours, I plan on being drunk. Kidding! ....kinda. Nick is seriously talking about laying out work clothes for an entire week cause Lord knows he will wont be doing laundry while Im gone. Men!

 Something else driving me to drink? My wiener dog, Daisy Mae. Girlfriend is about 13/14 years old (Im a terrible dog mom, I can't remember her year of birth. Do I get points for knowing the month and day?). Anyways, last week she woke me up by barking in her crate in the middle of the night cause she had a major blow out in there. I was so irritated. Im not a nice person to wake up in the middle of the night, let alone, a person who has a smile on their face when they get woken up to change crappy blankets for a dog. So, last night she did it again!! Im at my wits end. She is happy as a clam and isn't in any kinda of pain, she just can't hold her shit together (literally).

 In other bomb dot com news, Im happy to report, Im going to be famous by association. Ya see, my dear sweet Gretchen look a like blogger BFF, Amber, was contacted by non other than Bevery Hills Housweife, Dana Wilkey. Girls, Dana CALLED Amber personally. Well naturally, Amber HeyTell'd moi to give me the low down and told me she responded to Dana's tweet about needing bloggers to try her new product Thinshots. I tweeted Dana immediately and told her yours truly would be interested. And happened. THE Dana (Did you know? $25,000) Wilkey, was personally tweeting Amber and I.

I die. So I am hoping and praying for my phone call from our future BFF, so I can be famous like Amber and we can all 3 have some drinky drinks while throwing our own game night party.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I make Troy grilled cheese sandwiches because thats the one thing he'll for sure gobble down. Darn picky toddlers
Always: I love to make them because I eat the crusts

Sometimes: I am so tired when I go to bed that I almost forget to say my own bedtime prayers
Always: I end up praying because it just doesn't feel right to go to bed without talk to my Heavenly Father

Sometimes: I think I'm for sure going to straighten my hair and wear it down in some cute way
Always: I throw it up in a messy bun on top of my head and call it good

Sometimes: I plan on staring the 3rd book of the Hunger Game series
Always: Something else distracts me. Im only on page 9 so far

Monday, April 16, 2012

Well, it's happened

Well ladies it has happened. Don't ask me how it happened or why. It must be this weather that is upon me here in Northern Cali-for-ni-a.

...but, I have gone domestic! I am hanging clothes from a clothes line and giving my 1st world drying machine a break.

Im such a girl and I want to get a new clothes line and fun pretty clothes pins. Anything to make laundry more fun, right?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Im Alive and so are Yoooooou

I know, my subject line has really nothing to do with this post, but dang I love me some Scrooged. Never seen it? We may not be able to be friends anymore...kidding!! ...kinda.

A few random questions - are y'all excited for Summer?! And what are you doing to make your body READY for Summer?

I for one cannot wait for Summer. Come Summer time and its 110 degrees, Im sure I'll be singing a different tune, but for now? I am excited. Pinterest is full of great Summer BBQ ideas, I mean who thinks of this stuff?!

Want a little sweetness in your water sans the calories? GENIUS!
Lemons frozen IN ice cubes?! Seriously, this is so brilliant.

Not only does Summer mean BBQ, pool days, and adult beverages so thirst quenching, it'll make your head spin (literally), Im SOO excited for this years county fair. I love fair time. I love fair food, seeing the animals that are up for auction, SNOWCONES!!!!, and of course I love seeing my counties biggest rednecks and country folk come on out for a good time. Seriously, people think "California" and they think beaches everywhere. Not for a second would most think we have "Rednecks" or "hillbilly folk", but cmon people, we are the Wild West, duh!

I have been trying to bust my tail with workouts. Ever since I ran my halfie in March, I've been focusing more on lifting and girlfriends, its been paying off. I did this 30 day workout thing-a-ma-bob and I've leaned out and I can tell I put on some muscle. Lets face it, that skinny thing is on its way out (HALLELUJAH!) and fit is in. Just sayin...Sorry Kate Moss, but your days of reign are ova'.

Like I was asking, what are you doing to make yourself ready for Summer? I just went to last night, and found me another workout plan. If any of you wanna check it out, I'm doing Jaimie Eason's 12 week Muscle and Define program (Note: this is different than her 12 week LiveFit program - been there, done that, loved it!). And a side note, am I the only crazy who gets uber excited after writing (er, typing out) new workout plans? Seriously, it's like the first day of school for me when I walk into that gym. I see my old machines, meet some new ones and just get familiar with the new routines I'll be doing. The best feeling for this crazy woman's heart.

Since I am working towards something (Karli's tip of the day: when you workout/start a program? Give yourself a goal your working towards. Promise it'll make the workouts that much better and interesting), I need to find this Summer bikini. Besides Vickies, does anyone have any suggestions of places? Im probably gonna order from Vickies, but I'd rather go to a store and leave with it that day. Im American which means instant gratification is a major driving force. I don't wanna wait on shipping :)

So cmon ladies dont slack now! Bikini season 2012 is SO SO close.

Friday, April 6, 2012

There are no words

...only laughter
Girls, seriously? This picture cracks me up! I actually sent it in to the Ellen Degeneres show due to a couple friends suggestions. Tell me that Easter Bunny does not look like she is doing the craziest evil laugh you've ever heard over my little man's wails! My mom thinks its sad cause Troy is having 1 heck of a meltdown, but as HIS mom, I can say - this is just too awesomely funny. Happy Friday and I hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I ask Nick "would you rather I stay home from the gym and we just hang?" secretly hoping he will say he wants me to stay home so I can be lazy

Always: I always go no matter what he says knowing bikini season is so close I can feel it

Sometimes: I secretly fantasize about having no responsibilities in life other than myself

Always: I always look at my boys playing legos and know it tops any bachelorette lifestyle I could live

Sometimes: All I want to do is be in my sweats all friggin fraggin day & sometimes will be

Always: I will throw on the cutest outfit I can find, minutes before my hubbinator walks through the door just so he sees his wife still cares about her appearance even if I've had yogurt thrown at me countless times all day

Sometimes: I want to call it a day at the gym after I've done weights

Always: I always kick my butt on Mr. Tread Mill. He always knows how to exhaust me and it feels so good