Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home is where the heart is

Oh Sunday- the day of rest yet the day of sadness. It brings the wonderful, relaxing, sleeping in, staying up till whenever you want weekend to an end. Thats okay though cause it means back to the gym for me, yaya! Kicking my own butt is such a love/hate feeling for me, but when I imagine my PT, Jillian Michaels barking at me to lift harder and run faster, I can't help but get into the swing of things.

So how was your weekends lovlies? I left you all on Saturday letting you know I was going to look at apartments with N and I and to go see Paranormal Activity. So, lets start at the apartments:
Apartment #1: LOVED IT! Brand new hardwoods, brass fixtures, real granite counters in bathroom and kitchen, new black appliances, new berber carpet in bedroom, his and her closets in bedroom, wood burning fireplace and mantel (can we say decorating potential?!) patio, seperate dining area and cute small community but near EVERYTHING you could ever want (La Bou!!!, Trader Joes, Target, Safeway, THE GYM!!!, easy access to freeway). It was so nice and open so everything flowed very well. The only con for me? It was a TEEENY TAD bit on the smaller side and the 1 bathroom you have to get to through the master bedroom. Its about 749 square feet, but for Daisy, N and I that's perfect. Oh and the 2nd story (Which we didn't get to see, but is what we'd want) has vaulted ceilings so it makes it look even bigger. We only saw the downstairs model, which was still very very nice. Here are the pics :)

Kitchen from the entry way:

This is the view from the entry way- my iphone could get a wide angle, but you get the gist:

This is from the entry way looking down towards the master bedroom:

My fireplace & decoratable mantel :)

Looking into the bathroom from the bedroom- LOVE the his/her sinks :)

This is looking down the hall from the bedroom w/the kitchen on the right and living room on left:

One side of the kitchen. Check out the new appliances!!!

Nice seperate dining area:

So that was apartment #1. Now apartment #2, N and I just didn't like. It is out of the equation and not even worth posting the pics of it. It was pretty dated and it looked more like an apartment rather than a home. I may seem like a snob saying this, but granite and hardwoods and fireplaces are just more my style- it feels like an actual home you can come home too and possibly bring a baby home too ;) (no, I'm not pregnant....YET! HA!!) The 2nd apartment also didn't feature hardwoods and the dining area was over carpet and I've had an apartment like that and the carpet was trashed by the end. Also, the lighting in apartment #2 were more of that florecent lighting rather than the soft natural light. The bathroom actually reminded me of a bathroom at a Holiday Inn. It was a tad cheaper, but not by much and considering what you get in apartment #1, it was over priced. Apartment #1, was a little more expensive but something that we can do w/out feeling stretched with money and still having some money to spend. In the words of Forest Gump: that's all I have to say about that.

Now- Paranormal Activity!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!! On a scale of 1-10, 10 being closing your eyes throughout the whole movie, I'd give it a 7. I mean, the movie had a lot of hype and just the idea of it sounded scary. You can go here to read what its about. It sort of blew it for me knowing that it wasn't real. Remember how when The Blair Witch Project came out, everyone was coninced it was real footage and people were going to the woods of Massachusuts just to see if THEY could find the Blair Witch? It was sort of fun to watch BWP because there was that question on if it was real. Paranormal Activity has already been dubbed fiction. HOWEVER, it was still scary. The whole time I was thinking "Holy crap, if this were real, it would freak me out and I'd be sleeping in a church at night" See, all the scary paranormal things happen during night when the young couple is sleeping. The girl in the movie has pretty much been followed around by this one specific demon her whole life. They had a psycic come in and tell them the difference between a ghost and demon is demon's aren't human and they are on the earth to bring terror to people and do horrible things. Now I consider myself very strong in my Christian faith, but I do believe there are demons out there so even the thought of a demon haunting you, was enough to give me goosebumps. I won't spoil the ending for everyone, but if you like scary movies, I would recommend it. Its one you have to see on a big screen (not nesessarily the theather) and you have to watch in the dark to give the full effect. For the record, it does leave you scared to go to bed at night and question every little creak and bump in the night that you hear. A must watch with Halloween coming up :)

Have a great week everyone!!! I will try not to be so MIA during the week, but this California girl lives at the gym after work, so I can't make promises :)