Friday, October 9, 2009

Love me some Notebook

So I was running the other day on the treadmill at my fabulous gym, er I mean, my 2nd home, and I was watching every girls favorite movie..THE NOTEBOOK! I just love the story! It never fails how much I watch it, that I will cry. It got me thinking though, how often is it that people go down a path in life when they were meant to go down another. Allie was THIS close to marrying Noah and what happened? The LAME parents split them up because of Noah's social status and you could SEE the love and passion they had for eachother. Then the stupid mom hides Noah's love letters he sends her for 1 whole year when she left so she had no idea Noah still wanted to be with her! Which in turn forced her into the arms of another man who yes, loved her, and she loved back, but it wasn't Noah. Her 1st love <3

So it made me many people deal with things like this? Was there that certain person that you were meant to be with and you settled for someone else? Do you still think about that one guy/girl that you just clicked with? I feel so bad for people who deal with that cause I can't even imagine how torn you would be.

Bottom line, this movie rocks!