Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to thunder dome b*%$@

Please tell me that you have seen the movie, Waiting? If you haven't seen it, immediately stop what your doing and the plans you have for tonight, and rent it. If you've never seen it, you won't get the title to this post, he he. The point of me bossing people I don't know around? To tell you how I am going to see one of the stars of Waiting tonight!!!! That's right, Dane Cook is coming to Sac town and I couldn't be happier!! I am so excited for N and I. It was a total spur of the moment thing that I decided to buy us tickets. We had plans to go out to din din with Bestie Bon Bon and her hubby and little baby, but Bon Bon's baby got an ear infection yesterday, so she texted me to cancel. I was about to do the obvious thing and state how sad I was on my Facebook status (since every one cares and all) about my situation, when I saw that one of my friend's status was bragging how excited she was about going to see Dane Cook tomorrow night at Arco Arena. I didn't even know my ex husband was going to be in town?!?! Did he not think to call or even think to invite N and I?! I immediately went to ticketmaster, fully ready to wallow in my self pity about the tickets being sold, when what do I see? TICKETS AVAILABLE!!! I was so happy that I didn't even think twice if N would be mad that I just dropped $230 on a whim, and I whipped out my visa and did a couple click a roo's and no sooner had I clicked confirm order, had my e tickets been sent to my email ready for printing! I texted N to test the waters with "Hey, guess where we're going tomorrow night? TO SEE DANE COOK!!!!" (Subtle Karli, verrrry subtle). I was trying to distract myself until he texted back "LOL, I was actually wanting to go to that. We are so on the same page babe" (On the side note: we really ARE on the same page about every crazy thing. Some people call it bizarre, we call is love). You can imagine my relief reading it that he wasn't mad or just plain out didn't want to go. N and I watched his comedy tour on Comedy Central one night and were seriously on the floor cracking up. He is so interactive with his crowd too, which takes me to another great key factor: Our tickets!! I've been to Arco Arena a few times (Sacramento King's games, concerts, maybe the American Idol tour *cough cough*) and these seats are amazing. They are lower level which means, we are going to be able to see him perfectly. Not just a blurry version either. We will be able to make out facial hair people. Plus with my handy dandy camera, I can zoom up with pics. Don't worry, I will post them tomorrow :) I am going to say it now, that if he comes out in the audience and I just am one of those lucky, er crazy, fans who reaches out and pulls on him when he is trying to get up and down those stairs, I will be bragging about it for at least a month!
I hope your Saturdays are going great bloggie world :)

O and for you who haven't seen my ex husband, Mr. Dane Cook- here is he: