Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas is how many days away?!

Okay, so I don't the exact amount of days, but I know that its close. I felt it in the air this morning walking into work with my Pashmina scarf and extra hot grande non fat mocha. That air was crisp and that ol' Jack Frost was nipping at my nose. Oh and guess what I saw? WHITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS BEING WRAPPED UP THE TREE'S IN MY WORKS PARKING LOT!! AHH!! So So SO exciting. Since day light savings is happening on Saturday, its gonna be dark outside when I get off, but thanks to the beautiful lights, I will be guided to my car with joy :)Christmas is my favorite time of year. Everyone just seems more cheery in my opinion.
We have always had a tradtition of going all out on Christmas decorations. We are just a smidge away of the Griswolds. Oh and sitting around the Christmas tree really early in the morning and literally taking a long time just so we could milk the time we were sitting there. Rewind before that: Christmas jammies! Click your mouse if you have special jammies you open on Christmas Eve?! I've actually started Christmas shopping believe it or not. AHH!! I am SO excited! Is it Christmas yet?