Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The holidays are amongst us

I am most def ready to eat some turkey, although my turkey day is going to have to wait until Saturday. My sister and Bunny Boo (my niece for those who are just joining us) are in North Carolina for Turkey day so Bunny Boo can see a horrible "man" whom she calls her father (all I'll say about that!). So since my mom and dad also just arrived home from their little getaway to their condo in Mexico, we thought it'd be best to wait until Saturday. So tomorrow we will be eating something less festive, BUT it is still a bird. What could it be?!

I'm claiming the beak!! Num num num! I'm just joshin, what kind of woman do you take me for?! The duck will be there, but the beaks will have been removed well before I dig in.

Prior to Ms. Carnivore here eating some deeelish duck, I will be participating in my 5K!! The day has come, the iphone is loaded with some pretty vivacious tune's that are guranteed to keep me moving for 35 minutes (thinkin positive). I went and stood in line for 20 miunutes after my holiday party at my bosses house and picked up my race packet complete with my bib, running chip, and the overpriced $35 hanes tshirt that I'm proudly gonna rock at the gym come Monday.

Oh and did I mention the gorgeous(AND FREEEEEEEEZING, and asthmatic's nightmare!) trail I get to enjoy while running?

I'll be sure to take pics on the trail. I won't be blogging tomorrow and barely any on Saturday (my REAL turkey day), but I will be back and I'll fill you in on everything from my run to the duck dinner and the black Friday sales I find!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!