Thursday, November 19, 2009


Word to your mother! There has been some stressful things going on this week, so please bare with me with the lack of posts.

Worked it out good at the gym today. Kicked it on the tready and ran for 2.5 miles & pumped those muscles. Maybe you didn't know but I am all about the weights. On top of training for my first most women who use steroid's competition, I aspire to look like this one day:

Just so I can see N's face look like this:

Yeah, I married a middle aged guy. Body building and oldies- totally my thang

I'm sorry MK and Ashley Olsen. I loved you two on Full House. I'm a product of the 80, the tail end, but still the 80's. I know you two have more money than I could ever make in my life time, so why in the name of Britney Spear's extensions, are you dressing like this:

OMGSH, are you as excited as I am about New Moon?! AHHHHHHHHHH. NOT! I'm sorry ladies, I just don't get it. My very good friend Bon Bon, is obsessed with all things Twilight. The books, the movies, the characters. N and I rented the movie, and I'm sorry, the acting was horrible. The story was good and all, just not a fan. I think its something about this chick, Kristen Stewart. There is something that bugs me about her. She whines waaaaaaaaaay too much about being a celebrity and she just seems like she is always depressed. Get over it Kristen! We get it- life is sooooooo rough

It'd suck going to work and having these 2 characters fight over you (and one of these gentlemen wanting to nibble your neck!)