Sunday, November 1, 2009

Apple Hill Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your Halloween & Sunday? Mine and N's Halloween was really good. We had a lot of fun going out with Bon Bon and her hubby. I will post pics ASAP, I promise :) We got a lot of compliments (mostly Bon Bon and I and they were from guys, but our costumes were sorta egging it on). The adult haunted house was so scary! I am a huge baby when it comes to being startled, so I have no idea why I paid $35 to have someone scare me. Poor N's arm was blue from the lack of circulation going to his arms for the 10 minutes we were walking through it. We were total oldies at the end of the night, we called it a night at the ridiculously late time of 930pm! HA! Beat THAT Paris Hilton!

Today N and I enjoyed and soaked up our last day off for another 5 days by relaxing. N's way of relaxing is....? FOOTBALL!! I LOVE the game too, BUT this Sunday it was all about a place us Northern Californians like to call Apple Hill!!! When fall hits, its a MUST to go eat the most ridiculous amount of anything apple. Oh yes ladies and gents, this California girl devoured 1 moist apple donut covered in cinnamon and sugar, 1 mug of hot apple cider, 1 big block of the most heavenly homemade fudge, and 1 ooey gooey Carmel apple. Oh yes, my butt is HUGE now :D Not really, but it will be if I don't kick it this week. On a side note: Karli's tip of the day!!! Plan your workouts. It may seem to take a lot of time, but its worth it. Sit down with a calendar and write out a workout plan for the month (or week if that's all you can do) on what your plan is at the gym. That way once you get there, you aren't just wandering around the weight room just mindlessly doing a couple things on the machines. Now back to Apple Hill.... If you live near the Northern California vicinity or are visiting the area, please PLEASE stop and check it out. They have everything from Carmel apples to apple beer and wine! You may snicker at the thought of those drinks, but let me tell you, they are goooood. The air was so very much Autumn with the crisp cool breeze, the sky was clear with the sun shinning and the trees were turning that redish orange that I love. I wish I had brought Daisy Mae, but I didn't think all that walking would be good for her since she is the ripe age of 11. Don't get me wrong, my baby has spunk, but it's a lot of walking. I DID see a few cutie wienies though and it made me miss her. I told N when I came home that when Daisy passes away, I think I have to get another one. I just think they have the cutest faces and I am truly going to miss her. I mean, look at this face:

I am going to sign off since I have to go to work in the AM and yours truly has had a very busy weekend and I need my beauty sleep (HA!) before I start another sleep depriving, kicking it hard at the gym week. For now, enjoy these pics of Apple Hill

The Bunny Boo and I

You can't go to Apple Hill without a carmel apple!

Someone got their faced painted :D

Of course someone else had to join in the fun *cough couch* LOL