Thursday, October 7, 2010

And we'll be best friends forever!

Happy gloomy weather (that I LOVE!!) Thursday! It was so dark this morning, that I celebrated and stopped to get some Starbucks {but seriously, who needs a REASON for the 'bucks?}. I'm so glad I did, because I was a total space cadet and forgot half of my lunch. Thank GOD the office is ordering in lunch today for a meeting -- maybe I can snag some of whatever it is.

Do any of you ladies have a best friend that you've had forever? I'm talking 10+ years and throughout the years you've had ups and downs, sometimes thinking things were over, but through it all, when your together, sparks fly & it's a no brainer as to why your BFF's? Of course you do, most girls do. I have a best friend like that. We met when we were a month or two shy of our 5th birthdays, and we haven't looked back since. She was always the one I could tell anything to and know she'd understand, the one who I could tell my deepest darkest fears and secrets too and sure enough, she had the same ones.

Well, I've been thinking a lot about my Bestie since we were 4 years old. Next year, we will have been friends for, wait for it....20 years! Yup, 20 years is a long time, no? Once upon a time, I lived in North Carolina for about 3 years, only to come back to my love, California. While I was in NC, she flew out once, but we talked all the time via phone, myspace, etc. Of course we'd go through dry spells, where we were just both so busy with our lives, we couldn't talk sometimes for 'x' amount of days which would turn into weeks. There were times I felt like we were just in different spots in our lives, which in turn would sometimes lead to arguments that I thought broke us for good. But they never did. One of us would send the other an email professing our love for that other person and we'd back back together like peanut butter and jelly--reuniting cause it feels so gooooood.

Fast forward to present day -- my soulmate who I love dearly, is now a mama to a 1 year old beautiful baby girl. She lives 3 hours away, which I hate more than anything, and I feel like we don't get to talk, let alone see each other as much as we'd like. Life has once again happened, and makes us so damn busy, we rarely have time talk. With her being a stay at home mama, and me working M-F and then so busy on weekends, it's just a hit and miss. I see her pics on facebook and it makes me sad that I am not apart of her life and IN those pics. Anyone else have a friend like this? Where sometimes you feel as though there is a HUGE space between the two of you and then once your hanging out again, it's as if you never had a thought in your mind you weren't meant to be.



Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Aw this makes me kind of sad, I have my best friend from 15 years and we haven't spoke in two years.. Hopefully we'll be friends again some day.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna like, got a little teary eyed. I know how you feel girl and love that you an her and have been able to stick it out this long though all your trials and tribulations.

Never take it for granted!

KLaw said...

Aww! This makes me miss my forever friend too! I have one of those. She means the world to me. We met when I was 8. And now I'm 30. Crazy. Oh, I just love it!