Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Teen Mom

Good morning glories! How's Wednesday morning treating you all so far? We are finally on hump day and actually, it got here pretty fast. My Monday went by super fast, maybe it was because I was so friggin busy at work.

Who watched Teen Mom last night? Okay, I know I haven't talked about Teen Mom in awhile (and you all love it when I do, I know it!), but we are gonna.


This girl could win the worlds ugliest cry face and she cries all the.dang.time! Last night I really didn't mind her because she seemed to have her shiz together with getting the DNA results back for her baby daddy and then meeting up with her baby daddy's sister. It really is a super sad story how the babies dad died in a car accident before Sophia (the baby) was born. Normally Farrah pisses me off beyond all ends because she is a horrible parent. Fine, she is 19 and it's not easy to raise a baby, but there have been numerous examples of her flippancy with raising that baby.

Maci -

Girl, I totally understand wanting to get out of your parents house and move 500 miles away to be near your new boyfriend. BUT, look how it blew up in your face. Bentley needs to be near his dad, and it's never a good idea to move for a guy and one of your best girls should have told you this since their heads aren't in lala love clouds. BUT, all this said, I think Maci is by far the best mom outta them all.


Ooooooooooooo Amber. You disgust me. If your dramatic facial expressions weren't enough, your temper in front of your daughter towards your ex fiance will do it. If some of you readers didn't get to witness the despicable scene last week, I will describe it as brief as possible: Gary (the ex fiance and baby daddy) and Amber got into a fight. Gary then told Amber to keep her voice down so CPS wasn't called. Amber overreacted (SHOCKER!) and took as Gary himself threatened to call CPS ON Amber, she got upset and got all in his face pushing him, Gary took Leah(the 1 year old baby) to his moms. Gary later went over to get his stuff from Amber's house, Amber then decided to punch and kick Gary. I don't just mean a dead arm love tap either. This chick punched the side of his face and then kicked him hard in the back as he was walking downstairs. Then she goes and dramatically sits on the couch and acts as though she is living the hardest prison sentence. Hey Amber - CPS should be called and you should have to go to some extreme counseling. According to US Weekly, Amber is in counseling and things are "up in the air" with her and her punching bag aka Gary. You can read the article here

Caitlynn and Tyler-

This is the couple that gave their baby, Carly, up for adoption and in my opinion, it was the smartest thing they could have ever done. Caitlynn's mom and Tyler's dad, are married (are you following this), and this was after Caitlynn and Tyler started dating. Caitlynn's mom has a horrible case of diarrhea of the mouth and snaps at Caitlynn every second she can. I want to reach through that tv and just give Caitlynn a hug sometimes because unlike Tyler, she has no one she can get that from (besides Tyler obviously). On a side note, does it bug anyone else how gangster Tyler tries to act? Between that Baltierra hat he always wears sideways, to those huge tinted sunglasses and that big gold watch? Just sayin.... I hope these 2 have a great, successful life because they deserve it and are so mature for their age



Ashley said...

OH MY GOODNESS...I watched Teen Mom two weeks ago for the first time and the rage I felt from seeing how that Amber chick acts is wild. I had to turn it off and I will never watch it again. Craziness.

Thanks for the update thought. :)

Bree said...

Ugh Amber is trash; a disgusting, vile human being. I don't even want to talk about her.

But I totally feel the same way about Caitlynn and Tyler. They are adorable. I was just saying to my friend yesterday I just want to give them a hug. Her mother is a piece of work too. Man is she awful and by far the most immature person ever.

Overall though, I still love the show!