Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Hump day cupcakes! I am still one sick blogger, and trying to get into the doctor since my OB said this is a deal for my general practitioner. So basically I've been calling them {or stalking, whichever way you wanna look at it} every day and they tell me someone is gonna call me back. I'm a new patient, but geeze people, I'm not happy about this. They are super convenient to where I live which is why I'm persistent with that doctor in particular. I've heard great things about the doctor, but as I can see, the customer service sorta sucks.
Since I'm sick in the head and can't seem to NOT be active and just relax, I've been going to the gym and just walking for about 30 minutes on a 4.5-5 incline and then after work I hit the gym again for some weights. Which got me thinking -- I cannot wait to get new workout clothes! I have had the same workout clothes for about a year now (some longer, yikes!), so I would LOVE some new workout clothes for Christmas (looking at you hubbs & mamacita, haha!) Perfect for getting this mama into {1st time ever!}marathon shape (EEEEK!!!)



Kristen said...

I love getting new work out clothes!

Good for you for getting to the gym even when you are sick!

Marian said...

I love those Nike running shorts!!! I may have to start making my Christmas list too:)

Whitney said...

I have that pink and black top. I've yet to wear it, and got it back this summer! Eek :(

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the gym just so I can wear all of that stuff. Super cute!