Thursday, October 14, 2010

The flu can suck it!

Yup, so I got my flu shot scheduled. I figured it'd be best to get it all taken care of before our little babymoon getaway to Denver. And can I just tell you all how friggin busy I'm gonna be next Tuesday? I got my gestational diabetes test where I get to meet this delicious cocktail

(doesn't it just make your mouth water? <---------- thicky thick with the sarcasm)

So I will be there for an hour waiting for my blood to work it's magic and make me pass this dreaded test. After I pass with flying colors, I will be headed to hell, er I mean, work for about 4 hours, then to my OB appointment for a little check up and hear the little man's heart beat. Speaking of my little man, I'm pretty sure he is sideways. Any other preggo's feel like that? I mean, I can't really feel much baby under the boob/torso area, but I am most def carrying half of a spare tire. It's all in the front and as if he is laying across my belly. I know it's still early, but I'm going to ask my OB about this next week to see if that's normal. I want him to get into delivering position and stay there....stay there for the next 10 weeks at least. Oh and let me tell you, he is a rolling machine these days. Yesterday for about 10 minutes straight I felt the biggest rolls and kicks on my right side while I was at work. I put down whatever work I was doing (cause lets be honest, its not THAT important haha) and sat back and felt my baby do his thing. ********************************************************************************* Workout news! Mr. Hubbs is starting a new workout routine and he has enlisted his beautiful pregnant wife to create a routine for him when he hits the gym. I do love doing this and I am secretly going to make it so he lifts extra hard because he has to make up for my lack of it, ha! I'm the best wife, no? My workouts are going fabulous and steady still. Since I am still battling this cold (I FINALLY have a Doctor appointment for next Monday, but maybe I'll be all better by then?), I have been walking at a steady incline of 6-7 ( I decided to bump it up from 4-5, just wasn't feeling a burn), and walking for about 30 minutes twice a day. Gotta keep it up ladies, I got about 13 more weeks until the actual due date, this baby train is moving right along!



Mrs. V said...

Is it weird that I liked the glucose drink? Mine was orange, and it reminded me of the orange "drink" that they would give us at school when I was a kid. My husband laughed at me because my face lit up when I drank it. LOL!

Ashley Paige said...

woof. that drink... im not sure ive ever met any one who loved it.. except for Mrs. V up there! one would think they would at least change it up a bit so that it was much more palatable! good luck! ... in other news.. Baby C was sideways for pretty much my entire pregnancy. never up in my ribs.. and well, never truly where he belonged before delivery. but thats what happens when you're 9lbs 10oz and running out of room! here's to hoping that baby scoots into the right position and stays there!! (i feel ya on the spare tire feeling though!) haha!

A Real Housewife said...

He's moving around a lot at this point and shouldn't be stuck in any position yet...soon, though! I don't think they get in the head down position until closer to 5 weeks left...I think.