Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treats

Happy Halloween my lovely readers! This weekend is going by slendidly. Yesterday Nick ended up having to work for a couple of hours (boo!), but we got our paw decals up in little T's room and got the safety lock on his window. His window is proteceted by this half wall thing from outside, but a bad guy could still have access to his room. So mommy and daddy felt safer knowing that window could only be unlocked from the inside.


Getting the layout down

The rest of the day consisted of a delicious bfast with my sister and bunny boo and Nick of course, Home Depot (which Nick informred me is more geared towards women and Lowes is for men? News to me), and then Target & grocery shopping. I deserve a real spanking because I didn't go to the gym once this weekend, GASP! But, tonight I plan on walking around the neighborhoods as we go trick or treating with my niece (aka the Bunny Boo to new readers). So Im sure I'll cover some mileage..while eating my 6 little fun sized butterfingers...yes, you better believe I have them in my purse as I type ready to go!
Since we're on the topic of Halloween and trick or treating, I have a fabulous idea for next year with Troy. Of course he will only be 10 months and wont be walking up to people's doors, but we still plan on walking around with my niece again and Nick and I will go out with friends for our own festivities. This is my idea - me as a sexy Alice from Wonderland or a Queen of hearts, Nick as the Mad Hatter, and Troy as the little white rabbit!!! It's bound to be cold that night like every year, so Troy will be all bundled.

I'm still trying to find a little white rabbit custome witout a bunch of pink on it <----- No pink according to Nick haha. Since I wont end my night with a pillow case full of candy, I am giving myself a different kinda treat...... droooool
Oh Vera Wang, how you tease me. These babies can be found at Kohls. They are over the knee and would make me feel like I could put on a cape and show Batman a thing or two

When mommy and daddy DO get a date night, this would be such a fun dress!

I want her hair and closet dang it!

Pretty much everything Lauren Conrad puts out, I want. Thankfully for us non celebrities, she makes clothes I can afford and sold at Kohls.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!



Whitney said...

I went as the Queen of Hearts a couple of years ago!

Katie said...

LC has a really cute clothing line!! Ill have to head over to kohls soon and check it out!! Love the black dress and blue tank!

Kristin said...

I love all of LC's clothes! I gotta get to Kohls and see whats there!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Kohl's in a while. I'll have to check out LC's line because she has some super cute stuff.