Friday, August 26, 2011

Snakes. I HATE Snakes

Okay girls, so last night Nick and I were going to bed when I started to hear a rattle. And no, this wasn't a rattle my infant son was playing with. This was a rattle SNAKE! Yup, you heard right. I heard it right out our bedroom window super close so Nick and I look out and there is a white cat having a little boxing match with a baby rattler! Brave ass cat in my opinion. I was seriously telling the cat through the screen that it was going to get its neck bitten off. But did it listen? Nope. Balls of steal this one. Anywhoot, after watching the cat and snake go at it, the snake tried to slither away where it had come from...MY FRONT SHRUBBY GARDEN AREA! Oh no he did'int! Seriously, I walk by there all the time and I wear flip flops. And there are areas that are covered in in plants that make it so you can't exactly see the ground...aka, they could be hiding!

Seeing a baby made me realize "If there is a baby, it has brother and sisters and it also has a mama rattle snake" Oh shiiiiiz. I would really like to invest in a cheapo BB gun because like Hell I'm going to get close enough to Anne Boleyn those SOB's.

I know we live in the country, and this just comes with the territory, but ugh! Snakes are my phobia, but I HATE being startled and that's what they like to do - startle you when they strike you and bite you unconscious. I will forever be wearing these thick bad boys on my feet. Lord knows I would go in panic/dramatic mode if I got bit.


Lizzy said...

Be careful of the baby rattle snakes! They don't know how to control their venom, so their bites are more deadly than older ones. I know it sounds bad, but don't feel bad if you kill it. The house I use to live at, we killed at least 3 a summer that were near our house.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I would have been completely terrified too!

Jill Smith said...

i wouldn't leave my house if I knew there were rattle snakes outside of it! Happy to be a south dakota girl!!