Monday, March 5, 2012

Q&A Link Up Vlog

Hey ladies - Im linking up with Shasta Anne and PIPM.

*Note, I am going to stop saying the word "Um". I say it sooooo many times in this video and didn't even realize. Sorry!! Oh and I promise I don't sound like a Valley Girl, which Im realizing this video makes me sound like 100%*


Megan said...

I loved it! You are so right, it's great to put a voice to a face :-) You so don't sound like a Valley girl :-)

How cool you saw Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas!

Amber said...

Kate Upton, "Who wants to be natural?" A shout out for moi? K this is my fave blog ever. You literally cracked me up, my husband thinks I am insane but he laughed at you using the word shiz. He said we are soul sisters. duh. I can't frost a cake either, girl. and now I want a chili cheeseburger. I was thoroughly entertained! And I thought your voice would be that weird? You are gorge and I can totes see the Brooke Hogan in you, just a much thinner version but she is beautiful! I am so glad you linked up!