Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Whats Next?

Okay so before my feet even reached the half marathons starting line, I've been thinking about my next workout routine. For a few months I've been lifting here and there, but mainly focusing on my endurance and getting my miles in. I mean, lets be honest: when you run 10 miles, the last thing you wanna do is lift heavy weights, am I right or am I right?

So after talking to my beautiful long lost twin, Becky, I decided to copy her in true twin fashion and do a workout routine she found in her Fitness RX for Her magazine.

Twins, right?! Although Becky is friggin gorgeous!!

It's a 30 day transformation that focuses on weight lifting. It's split into working your upper and lower body, and you alternate each day. As for cardio, I'll throw some HIIT in there to keep the calories burning baby. Really excited to focus on more toning than mileage for a change.

How is everyones workouts going, have you kicked it in gear yet since we're only a few short months away from the heat (aka bikini season)? This next week, Winter has FINALLY decided to stick around my part of the world, so it's hard to imagine being in a bathing suit right now, but I know the day is coming. What else is coming? Shorts, and skirts and dresses. Im itching to go shopping and get some new clothes, but Im gonna wait until it gets a little closer to the heat. Pinterest is not helping with this itch


Megan said...

Awww, what a gorgeous photo of you and your friend!

The 30 day plan sounds great!

Man I am so addicted to Pinterest lol

Amber said...

you and your bestie are gorge! I love the outfits and I wish we lived next door to each other so I could workout with you!

Becky Duran said...

Aw! Love it Kar! I miss you so much, that pic made me smile big!! I'm on week two of the first half of my 12 week workout. It's pretty intense! I've still been doing at least 40 min of HIIT cardio followed by the lifting program in the first 6 weeks. Have you heard of drop sets? That's what this one does and it really BURNS!!!!

Just Jennifer said...

Wow, how much you two do look alike! Two beauties! I need to kick up my work out routine too and thank you for sharing the things you do for inspiration.

And Pinterest is the devil. End of story!

Raven said...

yes, Becky is gorgeous, AND SO ARE YOU!!!!! Twins is RIGHT! and OMG I LOVE your style! I would wear every single one of those things on here. Like, I seriously want to go buy it all. serious.

Sarah said...

love those outfits!