Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guess Who's Back...

ME!!!! I've missed you guys almost as much as I'm missing my waist. Its true girls - that Five Guys, Velveeta Mac N Cheese, the 1,000,000 Hersey kisses during late night Rummikube games, the best Thai food in the Fayetteville area, the best Mexican in the Raleigh REALLY did me in. Or did my ass in I should say. I had this fantasy that I would run at least twice during my stay in North Carolina and I only accomplished 1. I believe it was probably around 3.5 miles, but I give myself extra props because the humidity was on high that day. While we were there, that area reached a new temperate high for that time of year. The day before my run, it was 95 and then add the humidity in the mix and you got yourself your own personal sauna the minute you step out your door. Proof: sweat drenched hair
The trip itself was so much fun. For those of you that don't know, my sister has always been someone I looked up to when I was little. There is a 12 year difference between her and I, and when I was little I liked to pretend she was my mom. She was THAT cool. Then later in life, I used to go to her house basically every weekend and we'd go shopping, or get some Starbucks, or just run her errands. Always someone who I took seriously with their opinions and advice. So for her to move back to North Carolina, was a HUGE kick in the gut, but she is much happier, so it was for the best.
So basically my mom, T Rex and I stayed at home with my niecy poo (holy crap, when did SHE become 12?!)...
while my sister and her Soldier boyfriend, went to the EOD Ball. Its held for all Marines, Soldiers, Airman, Seamen who are in EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal - basically bomb disposal). They looked gorgeous all dressed up:

More trip pics
1. Mackenzie and Troy. Mackenzie belongs to CAPS. Google it :)
2. Goofing off with Nicks old Marine cover
3. My old workmates and some of my closest friends I've ever made
4. Only in Walmart. Some kid was saying, "HI! HI! HI!" Mackenzie and I knew we had to snap a pic
5. On the plane, no where to run!
6. My girls...and boy :) 

I'm sure you are all chomping at the bit to hear how Troy did on the plane rides. How about this to keep it short: my mom didn't think he was THAT bad, I was mortified the 1st 5 hour flight with how he was acting. By acting I mean, kicking the seat in front of us, arching his back cause he didn't want to be held, crying, whining. He slept for maybe 1 hour during that flight, but the rest of the time, it was "I don't want to sit or watch my Dino Dan". Yup, it was THAT fun. Bottom line, I'm glad I won't have to fly again until August. Luckily its a barely 3 hour flight to Denver for my MIL's wedding. Then in November, we will be flying to Mexico - God have mercy on me. At least this is waiting for me:
Changing topics. My AMAZING, CARING, THOUGHTFUL, SEDUCTIVE hubby was busy at work while I was gone. Remember THIS post? Well, it happened.
And THIS happened.
 Hallelujah, my house has had a major face lift. Seriously girls, its amazing what a new front door and new floors will do for a house. It updated it so much. An old lady lived here before and she and her husband were the builders of it, so it had that "older" feel to it with that carpet and linoleum, so this update was needed. This was my Mothers Day gift, and like my mom said, "How is Nick gonna top this with next year? He's set the bar pretty high now". I'm sure I can think of something else that needs my wardrobe?


Lizzy said...

Glad you had fun!!! My uncle was in the Air Force for 27 years and did EOD too! He still helps out sometimes even though he is retired.

Megan @ Grimm Tales said...

I can't imagine flying with a toddler! aye-yi-yi I can't imagine it would be any fun at all. But it sounds like you handled it well!

Your house looks wonderful! I love the color of the wood. It sure is nice having a handy hubby!

Amber said...

I would not want to fly with a toddler hell to tha naw! Your niece looks just like her mama! WOW! Y'all are all gorgeous! Where did you get that maxi dress and WELCOME TO THE SOUTH!! It is so hot and humid and sweat is just gonna happen at all times! Your hubby did a great job on the floors! They look great! I am sure you thanked him properly:) Luv ya mean it! Glad to have you back! I missed your funny blogs!!!

erin said...

So glad you had fun and so glad you're back! I love the updates to the house. How nice to have such a handy hubs!

Lindsey said...

Your uplift looks amazeballs!

Mrs. Mama said...

glad you had a great time... the changes to your house look FABULOUS!!

Megan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time :-)

Your house looks GREAT! Go hubby!

Sarah said...

Welcome back! I am so glad that you had such a great trip!

hotpants™ said...

Awesome gift! It looks great.