Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Most Talked About Girl...

Girls! What did you think about our lady, Miss Emily Maynard's Bachelorette premiere last night? Lucky for me, the Nickmesiter had homework to work on late, and since The Bachelorette didn't start until 9:30PST, it was game on.

Honestly, Im not too crazy about any of the guys. I feel so suspect of them all. Like none of them can be good enough for my Emily, ya know? I have a sneaky suspicion that the race car driver, Arie, is going to go far. Oh, and did y'all stick around to see previews for the season?! It looks like some dude calls Emily's 6 year old daughter, Ricki, "baggage". Which in a way I guess she could be considered that, but lets face it - that ain't cool to say outloud, let alone outloud to 20 other guys who would love nothing more than to throw your butt out of the house.
Emily, as always looked gorgeous. I loved the red skinnies she was rockin in the opening. And did y'all see how Botox'd smooth her forehead looked? How dare she look so perfect and flawless, and in front of my husband who was totally eyeing her from behind the laptop doing his "homework".
Her dress she wore was absolutely gorgeous. Nick, who was "doing homework" (suuuuure), was all "it looks like she's naked". Pu-leeeease boyfraaan, I know you ain't complaining about that one. I don't think anyone was.
Looks like a juicy season, Im googling any spoilers I can find, cause Im someone who doesn't do well when I have to wait till the end :) Whats the saying my mom always says? "Patience is a virtue".


Alicia said...

i love me some Bachelor/ Bachlorette! :) I like the Egg guy and the one who wrote the letter and got the first impression rose. It will be a fun season!

Alicia said...

I love me some Bachelor and Bachelorette! This will be a fun season. I liked Egg guy and the one who got the first impression rose.

Amber said...

Girl you are cracking me up talking about Nick eyeing her! Nick mos def thanks the sexy gods err' day that they blessed his wife with all that OOC sexxxxxxxayness. Yes it needed that many x's. I don't watch any of the bachelor/bachelorette shows so I will not be drinking any of your kool aid. Still love ya, though. MUAH