Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blogger Love

Morning loves!

So have you girls checked out Ms. Amber's bloggy poo?
If you haven't, you must. She has the sweetest little red head you've ever laid eyes on, and her baby girl has the yummiest cheeks. If that doesn't blow your skirt up, definitely check her our for laughs as she is so hilarious and is a fellow Real Housewives lova', so she is golden in my book.

You may remember this post where I bragged on how Amb's and I would be getting our samples of ThinShots courtesy of Ms. Dana Wilkey - one of the hot and gorgeous messes from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Dana created this little magic potion after she had her baby to help her not only shed that baby weight, but also to give her the energy she needed to function.
Well, Amber was the lucky one and Miss Wilkey gifted her with samples to review. Being one who never likes to feel left out, Amber sent me my own sample pack to try out & I got it today.

Here is what Amazon had to say about ThinShots:

"Thin Shot is a 2 ounce liquid that is the first Diet Accessory. It was personally developed by Dana Wilkey while on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo and allowed her to lose her last 15 pounds following her pregnancy and feel great doing it. The liquid shot is made of vitamins like B6, B12, D, Folic and some caffeine from tea (see label for full breakdown). Some of the reported results from taking the shot are weight loss, happiness booster, energy enhancer, focus and improved hair, skin and nails. Also many users report that it does not make them feel speedy, which has been a complaint on other energy shots. The shot can be used as an appetite suppressant, work out booster, work motivator, focus enhancer, hangover cure and part of a daily vitamin routine. Recommended dose is one to two bottles a day in the morning and late afternoon. As with all Diet products you should check with a doctor before taking especially if on medication. The product will last up to 2 years if unopened. How do use your Thin Shot? Let us know at and we may post or promote it."

*Side note* When I looked ThinShots up on Amazon, I found this. Apparently, these two go hand in hand?

Amber has reviewed the product which you can read here. I will be giving my own review in about a week or so, so I can give it a fair review. Im really hoping I can see some results, even if its just more energy. The early morning weekday workouts are taking all my energy out. By the weekend, all I want to do is nap, and thankfully I have a husband who is happy to oblige with that & he watches T Rex.


Amber said...

You are the sweetest! MUAH!!! You are going to love them! I have so much more energy with Thinshot!! Are you still doing the 430am workouts????

Megan @ Grimm Tales said...

I can't wait to hear your review. I bought a 12 pack and they just came today. I'm really excited to try them out, although I'm not really happy about the price. Oh well. Anything for a little extra push to shed some lbs!