Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finally fixing him up

So Im sure you ladies remember me mentioning how Nick tore his meniscus back in June, and it's been a long drawn out process due to a idiotic flippant mistaken Urgent Care doctor thinking Nick had a knee contusion & was absolutely completely sure of this. He told Nick to walk it off for 4-6 weeks. Welllllll, that 4-6 weeks came and went and Nick was still in pain, so after a few tests and doctor appointments, a torn meniscus was the issue. So today was the big day he got it fixed - HALLELUJAH! I am one of *those* wives that genuinely love their husbands and think of them as their bestie, so I hated seeing him in discomfort and was stoked he was getting it fixed. Go figure that his surgery was on September 11th outta all the days. 

Prepped and ready to go!

Someone is feeling that anesthesia....

 Recovering and reviewing the pics the doc took of his knee from the internal camera

He did awesome and they had to completely remove his meniscus since it was inoperable. Had he come in within a week of it happening, he coulda gotten it fixed no problem. Guess I can kiss those dreams of him being my running buddy bye bye. That's okay, he can keep on being my eye candy!


Amber said...

Poor Nick! The silver lining is now you get to be his nurse;)

Lizzy said...

Knee surgery is no fun! I have had 2 of them with a possible 3rd in my near future. My sister had to have her meniscus fixed and so did my Dad. He had to have 2 surgeries on it because it tore right after his first surgery.

And the drugs they give you before they take you into surgery are wonderful. Best feeling I have ever had before! haha

Megan said...

Oh, poor Nick! I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Lucky him having such a lovely wife to take care of him :-)