Monday, September 17, 2012

My Heart is Full/Weekend Recap

Top of the mornin to ya! I just came back from a make you wanna puke workout (The best kind in mine and Jillian Michaels opinion!) and thought I'd like up for my Weekend Update

My weekend was filled with love for the 2 guys in my life....and shopping!! Sadly I didn't take a picture of my loot before I hung it all up in my closet, but my very generous loving mamacita, took her youngest out to shop for some clothes for my birthday present (my birthday is 10 days away exactly!) and it was glorious! I know Im not the only girl who loves to shop. Granted, there are some girls who just cant stand it, but I? I love it! I get so excited when I score a hot little something on the clearance rack or if I catch a great sale. Which is what happened this weekend. Kohls is where it's at ladies. Most of the tops I got was the Rock & Republic brand they started carrying, but I got a couple Jennifer Lopez sweaters (sooooo comfy and sex-ay! Sure to warm that special guy in your life haha), and a Lauren Conrad sweater. Oh and I got these
I wanted something that didnt scream mom (Im talking to you sketchers!) and I am NOT on that TOMS train - blah! Sorry, but it's how I feel. Anyways, these are classics and paired with the right jeans and just a casual top? Im in! 

Anyways, here is my handy dandy (you can thank Blues Clues for that) collage about this weekend:

1. This is my little BBQ dude. He cooks up cuteness on the daily, as well as snot - poor dude has a cold. Tis the season
2. This dude is healing from having his meniscus taken out & I cant tell you how much I enjoy doting in him. It helps that he's an easy patient, but our days have consisted of him icing and elevating his leg & me getting him snacks/beverages. So happy for him since now he can actually STRAIGHTEN his leg which he hasn't been able to do in 3 months! Oh, the little things in life. Anyways, he makes me happy and I *did* say in sickness and in health, so Im doing my right to take care of him. 
3. Nick was feeling up to going to the park with our little T Rex and oh Mylanta, it was hot. Troy had a fun time climbing around the pretty sweet playground & the trees. He is normally a wuss when it comes to going down the slide, even tho he says "wee!" when he sees other kids. This time however, he did it a few times! Pretty sure it was cause dad was there :)
4. And lastly, this was a verse I got on my YouVersion Bible app & it's true. I think we (and by we, I mean *I*) tend to think it was us that worked so hard for the privilege of being saved, when really, it was God who saved us. We didn't save ourselves, Christ did. We came to know Him because of His work in our hearts. This was a great verse in humbling. 

Can't wait to see what y'all did this weekend! Link it up, ladies! 


SEL said...

I love those shoes! I actually just bought a pink pair, my first ones! I'm totally with you on the toms thing. I just can't get into them.

Found you through the link-up! New follower. :)


Sarah Grace said...

that's my bible study memory verse for the week! :) such a great reminder of the Lord's love and grace!

Megan said...

Sending get well soon wishes to your mr!! :)