Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Doin the Dang Thang

I have yet once again hit a workout rut. It all started when I got back from Colorado and I looked in the mirror and was like, "oh girl, get yourself on a treadmill STAT", and since then I've done HIIT cardio about 3-4 times every week for 30 minutes and then finish up with a 10 minute elliptical session. I've maybe had 1-2 lifting days in there <----- no bueneo. I just really wanted to shred it up and lean out, and HIIT is the way to do it. But, Im getting bored and when it comes to the gym, I need structure. Enter, bodybuilding.com ....... *this is now way a plug for bodybuilding.com, although they deserve a shout out!*

I think I've mentioned before that bodybuilding.com, not only offers supplements at unbeatable prices (I have checked GNC, Costco, Sams Club, amazon, etc. & they beat em' all), but they offer FU-REEEE workout routines catered to what your goals are as well as your age & sex. So I always go there when Im in the workout rut. I also want to throw in, that if you're someone who is just starting down, do NOT be intimidated by the name or think that only experienced peeps go to this site. They offer a Facebook type community that you can talk and relate to other people who are where you're at. If that's not your cup of tea, then you can still go and get the hook up with workouts/meal plans for....FU-REEEEEE!  They have beginner programs, and structure (in my opinion) is KEY in a workout regimen! Even if you're just a cardio junky *cough cough you need to add lifting STAT cough cough*, a good schedule or switch up plan is important if you want to keep your body conditioned and/or challenged and changing. 

****stepping off my soapbox*****

So anywhoot, there I was at home, thinking about how I really didn't look forward going to the gym cause it was the same ol same ol - cardio. While I've been seeing good results, I MISS and CRAVE lifting. I have educated myself and I know that lifting weights is something that is so important to your body & keeping it maintained. Since I've been out of the weight room for what seems like years, I have noticed those muscles I had worked so hard to build, weren't as bulgy anymore, and that booty that was lifting and firming, was just staying put - the improvement has stopped. So, I went to bodybuilding.com, and browsed a couple of their plans for the right one for me. I've done a couple of theirs, so I wanted something fresh & different. Enter Lindsay Kaye's Cutting Program: This program was designed by THE Lindsay Kaye - the fitness model banned from magazine covers cause she was just that hot. 

Girlfraaand obviously knows her shiz. I found some other body envy pics, but due to the fact that my Gma reads this blog, I decided against posting them. Since I want to cut down fat around my muscles, but also continue to build up on them, I went with her cutting program you can find here. I am also going to be following her eating program to an almost T. Remember how I told y'all I was sorta doing the Weight Watchers point system? Well I added everything on her meal plan up and it should be exactly what Weight Watchers has allotted me - SCORE! I just want to say too, that Im only doing this Weight Watchers thingy only because I want to push my body until Mexico and see where I can get it. After we get back, I'll still be doing this program, but about ready to switch it up again since you should change your workout routine every 6 weeks or so. Gotta get your muscles guessing and pushing that endurance. 

Even tho Summer is just about over (and actually is over for a lot of y'all - LUCKY!), you still want to either maintain or improve. Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas are major junk food holidays and even tho I would love to eat an entire mixing bowl of mashed potatoes with sour cream doused over it, I don't. You have to think to yourself, why would I just kill myself at the gym, and then sabotage my work with over indulging? Eat the potatoes and all the fun stuff, but don't be going crazy, ya know? A trick I try to do to stop overeating is popping in a piece of gum and that works pretty good. Any other tricks you ladies have that work? 


Megan said...

Good for you hun! Well, it's coming up to summer in my part of the world, so I'm in major action station mode.

Something I've recently started doing is drinking fruit tea. I've found it really helps my sugar cravings, as well as keeping my hands busy.

Jennifer said...

okay, i'm intrigued. going to check out that site now...

Amber said...

OMG She is a machine!! I am very jelly of your Mexico trip. I may sneak into your suitcase;) When I need to stop myself from eating too much of something I pour a little bit of my drink over it. Is that cray? Jim thinks it's borderline psycho.