Thursday, May 20, 2010

Im lame

Okay, I am so so lame. After telling you all a good trick to sticking to your workouts, is writing them down like an appointment, I totally have flaked ALL my workouts this week! GASP! I have not worked out since last Saturday and my 5 mile run. To be honest, the only excuse I have is I've been tired. Like exhausted. Everyday this week, it feels like I stayed up super late, when in fact I have gone to bed at 9pm the latest (I get up at 4:30). So by the time 4pm rolls around, I have not wanted to do anything but sleep. What.the.HECK.KARLI?!

I'm feeling kinda down on myself, but I'm not going to let it suck me down and get me down. I am moving on with knowing I will be going to the gym Saturday morning after a much needed sleeping in session, and will be going to the gym later that evening when Nick gets home from work.

I promise my workout updates will be more uplifting and motivational. I know some people come to my blog for motivation, and I LOVE motivating. So this is the plan stan's:

Friday: Nada - family is coming over for din din
Saturday: 45 minutes cardio (20 minutes stair stepper, 25 minutes elliptical) + legs
Sunday: Shred
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 30 minute run + upper body
Wednesday: X BIKE + legs + abs
Thursday: 40 minutes cardio (30 minutes walking on incline + 10 minute stair stepper)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 45 minutes cardio (30 minutes elliptical + 15 minutes running at 6.2mph)

So there is my modified plan and I'm sticking to it. I read all these motivational quotes like "Someone busier than you is running" or think about how women who are 10x more tired than me, are working their asses into bikini shape. Or even just browsing Beth's blog about how much she runs, makes me want to drop the bon bons and get onto that pavement! Speaking of Beth, go over to get blog Shut up and Run to enter blog. So just DO IT Karli!