Friday, May 28, 2010

Its been a long time coming

FRIDAY YOUR FINALLY HERE!!!!! There is exactly 8 hours of working, and then its off for 3 days :) You know what's great about 3 day weekends? That the following week is a 4 day work week haha!

Ready for a post full of random ramblings? Here we go:

I don't even need to tell you what fun things I am doing this weekend since I already covered it in this post earlier in the week. But something else I'm doing? Going and seeing Bestie Bon Bon's newest baby girl! Rilynn Mae was born this morning 5/28/2010 weighing in at 6lbs 14oz and was 18.5 inches long. Welcome to the world Rilynn <3

Something I ha vent covered in awhile - workouts! I have actually been pretty dang active. A LOT of walking, but definitely hitting the gym for those elliptical and stair stepper workouts. This week has been absolutely crazy with things in my life, but in such a blessed way, so making it to the gym hasn't really been possible. Don't worry your pretty little heads - I fit in at home workouts and I'm planning on going to the gym tomorrow after I sleep until my body tells me to get outta bed.

And I'm sorry, boo freakin hooo Jesse James. How is it that YOUR playing the victim? Oh, your so sorry, huh? Oh and your childhood was soooooo rough. So that's an excuse to cheat on your WIFE with more than 1 woman, on more than 1 occasion? All I can say is SHUT IT.

Told you this post was random :) Have a WONDERFUL Memorial day weekend lovely followers. And remember what we're really celebrating and who we're honoring.



Fried Pink Tomato said...

She is sooo adorable! And I love the name Rilynn! And I can't stand Jesse James!