Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Proactiv and other Tuesday ramblings

Happy BEAUTIFUL Tuesday morning to you guys!! It's another gorgeous morning here in Sacramento.

So a few posts back, I mentioned that I have been using a Murad face wash to combat this acne that decided to grace my face (6 months POST going off BC mind you, so it really threw me for a loop). It really has done wonders. It's cleared up the major breakouts, but I still am getting new undergrounder zit, boo!! It's horrible! When I was on my birth control, my face was super clear and I felt like I could go w/out concealer and I NEVER wore foundation. So the stuff that's happening now, is just not okay.

I had a few friends who used Proactiv in high school and had great results (as well as Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Julianne Hough). My only concern was that when I got pregnant, would it be okay to use still? After much research (what would I do without google?!), it's totally safe to use and in fact, I read a couple reviews from women who used it during their pregnancy breakouts, and it worked wonderfully. So I ordered it! I am SO excited to try this bad boy product out. I want to kick this last bit of acne to the curb and have really good skin for the summer time. Who wants to wear a butt ton of concealer during the hot summer days and nights? Not me!

Onto other things: Nick signed all his paperwork for his new job :)!! We are truly so blessed, and God really does answer prayers. He starts tomorrow, woo hooo!!!

Yesterday as promised, I stuck to my workout schedule for Monday (snaps for Karli!) Nick and I went on our run/ride since it was just so nice outside. However, I was not the smartest of girls, and I totally didn't hydrate enough before the run. So when I should have looked like this:

I looked like this:

Get the picture? I stopped I think 2-3 times during our run, since one of dehydration's side effects are nausea, BUT who do I see running by us with ease? A young woman in nothing but her perfect sports bra and her perfect matching shorts, pushing her perfect jogging stroller. Oh and there was a baby in the stroller. Oh and the woman...HAD A 6 PACK! So I dug down deep into my motivational running quotes bank in my brain, and pushed through the nausea and sweat and thirst (do not attempt at home :) ). I made it though! Nick was so proud and even started the shower for me cause he loves me like that...or thinks I stink, lol. So I ran about 3.5 miles yesterday and today it's back to the office (aka, the gym) for upper body and another 3 miles on Tread.

What have YOU done today to make you feel proud?



Katie said...

Karli, I answered your question on my blog post.
I wish i had motivation like you to work out but with all this school work i have no time :(
keep it up!!

californiadreamin said...

Thanks Katie :) It's tough!! I totally know how that is when "life happens" and gets in the way of working out. I hate that!!


Mrs.Vid said...

I just found your blog! My name is also Karli. I've never seen anyone else spell like us before. Good luck with the proactive. I went of BC about 9 months ago for health reason's and it's really thrown my skin for a loop. Ugh.

Corletta said...

Hmmmm...what did I do today that I was proud of. Well...I went to the gym at 4:50 even though I had a late night with some grad. work! That's pretty good :)

Fried Pink Tomato said...

I am going to need some help and motivation to loose some baby fat in a few months!! I am impressed :) And momma with the jogging stroller... that is dedication.

Love your blog! Very cute!