Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend recap - cause everyone's doing it

I thought it'd only be right to post a little somethin somethin on this fine (I use that term loosely) Monday.
What is it about Mondays? I have never met anyone who LOVES Mondays, and whenever someone at work is: tired, slurs their words, trips on the carpet (I have actually witnessed this), doesn't feel good, it's always "It's Monday".

I actually had a not too shabby start to the weekend that ended AMAZINGLY- Friday night after work, Nick and I snuck Taco Bell into my purse and headed to Robin Hood like everyone else in the world. Nick was expecting Gladiator Russell Crowe, and he was a TAD disappointed in that, since what he got was Robin Hood Russell Crowe (hello captain obvious haha). Great movie altogether and we'd both rate it a firm 7.5 or 8. Great movie for the boys (violence, and fighting and Russell Crowe) and for the ladies (Russell Crowe...need I say more?)

Saturday started off with a nice 4.89 mile run with my parents hunting dog, Maggie. Since Nick doesn't like me running alone, I enlisted the beast that is a German Short hair Pointer hehe

After a run and cleaning up and re-fueling with my go to egg white sammich (3 egg whites, English muffin from Trader Joes, and some spinach leaves), I headed to my parentals and laid out with some Maui Babe tanning lotion. Thank you West Sac Honey for recommending that little gem, I could tell I was darker than I woulda been had I just gone bare. Wrapped up that day with some pizza with the fam :)

Sunday takes the money people - fast forward to 4:15pm...Nick walks in the front door holding......

He bought me flowers! I flower plant to be exact :) Not only that but he says "We're going on a date tonight too...dinner and a movie". HE'S THE BESTEST BESTEST,:) We went and saw Date Night and holy crap, that movie is hilarious! Steve Carrell just doesn't disappoint and there's even some Marky Mark in there ;) We finished off with ooey gooey Mexican, and was put to bed a happy woman :)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and now it's back to makin the green jelly beans!



Corletta said...

Date Night is a VERY funny movie!!! By the way, sounds like you have a super sweet husband!!!!

californiadreamin said...

I know, isn't he the bestest? hehe

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

My bf's family dog is a german short hair and she's the best pheasant hunter I've seen! Glad you liked the Maui Babe it's amazing!

Ashley said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! BTW the sandwich you make after running sounds delish! I think I'm going to have to try that out!

californiadreamin said...

Jenn- Yes, the Maui babe is AWESOME! I really wish the weather would just be consistent so I could use it more :)

Ashley- the sandwich is the bomb! :)