Monday, October 18, 2010

Forecast is calling for scattered hot flashes

Im alive! Sorry there was no blog for you to read 1st thing when you wake up [cause I know you all log on ASAP just to see moi haha}. I had a very short day at work due to my doctor appointment today. It was a new patient/I still feel like I have a cold sort of appointment. I couldn't get in to see this doctor for a whole week, so even though I feel much better than I did yesterday, it was a no brainer to keep the appointment. Not only that, but I wanted my flu shot for free :) So this pregnant lady is covered from the flu this flu season. I know a couple people at work who act fluish, so I'm very happy I got myself covered this early in the game.
So at my appointment, I experienced one of the most embarrassing things - a hot flash! Here was this friendly doctor just sitting on her rolling stool (ever notice how they get right up in your face when they sit there or is that just me?) minding her own business, when I start to sweat. I dont just mean 'oh, I could use some ice water', I'm talking damp face, neck, and.....BOOB SWEAT! Yup. So embarrassing. Due to my paranoia that she'd think I was an odd bird, I brought it out in the open. She was going in to feel my neck and lymph node area (checking for a pesky ear infection), and I shout "I HAVE TO WARN YOU....I am suffering a major heat flash right now, so please pardon my sweat". Yup, I said it. Whe
n I get nervous, I'm a talker. It probably makes things more awkward than they need to be. She was so nice, she didn't mind and laughed it off and said it was the hormones most likely (my temp was normal).

It doesn't stop there. Oooooo no. So there I am in church on Sunday, and during singing, I break out in sweat! Boob sweat, struck again! It was a chilly rainy day on Sunday, so being the overzealous 'I want winter NOW!' girl that I am, I over anticipated with uggs and a warm cardigan. BAD MISTAKE. These hot flashes are hitting at the most inconvenient times.

In other preggo news: My doctor appointment went well today (other than the hot flash). Found out that I do indeed have fluid in my ears. I have a list of okay'd med's I can take, but I'm still debating whether or not to take anything or just wait it out. I am holding out my entire pregnancy to take any med's -- save up all my credits for that big one at the end, the epidural :) Tomorrow I have my glucose test -- Woop de freakin doo. To be honest, I'm not dreading it. I won't get to work till around 10ish, and then I have to leave again (oh darn) at 240 for my OB appointment. I just don't want to use all my sick and vaca time, so I thought I'd drop by for a few hours :)



Anna Walker said...

This may sound awful...BUT I thought you were talking about the weather and I am relieved it's you have the hot flashes, not southern CA again :)