Thursday, October 14, 2010

Run like you stole somethin

I know, I know, you guys are probably sick of hearing how I can't wait to push it on my workouts again, but lets face it: Its my blog, and I'm gonna talk workouts if I want to. I'm in the process of cleaning {Thursdays cleaning day, what what?!} I have the biggest urge to run right now. Even a nice jog would suffice. My stupid cold can't even take away that feeling. Maybe I'm high on the windex and Arm and Hammer cleaner, but I am wanting to just have the biggest urge to push through a massive workout right now. I finished registering for baby stuff today at Target, and after some research settled on this gem: The In Step Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

Great reviews, great price and room for another baby for the future and if I take along another baby {not getting paid to say that} Also great thing is it's compatible with the car seat I registered for so I can just snap in the car seat when Troy is still considered an infant, and hit the trails! WOO HOO!! Oh, and you better believe Im sucking motivation from my monthly Oxygen's that come in the mail. I LOVE getting these magazines. If your a woman who wants to live a healthier, more active lifestyle, wants to get those muscles, refresh their workout/lifting routines monthly, get a new cardio routine, etc. then PLEASE look into Oxygen Magazine. It supports a clean eating lifestyle and supports a strong woman conquering all. {I am not being paid or getting a free subscription by saying this either} I will be creating my 'back to pre baby Karli' workout from copying lifting routines from this magazine. I am going to need all that support tackling my 1st ever Mary 1 year from now. I will have about 9.5 months to get back into running shape while building up my stamina to destroy those 26.2 miles. BRING IT!! Back to cleaning! xoxoxo



Marian said...

That's a stroller for two...are you trying to tell us something;) Just kidding. And I have no problem with you talking about working out...its very motivating!!

erin said...

I have been wanting to run a lot, too! Maybe we want to so badly because we know we can't really do an intense run right now.

That stroller looks awesome. I want to get a jogger, too.

californiadreamin said...

haha, no Marian, not telling anything. It's so in case another baby wants to come with :)