Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get it gurrrl

Hello lovelies. Things are crackin down in Karli's workout world. I means business when I've gone out of my way to buy new calendar inserts (and fun colored sharpies) to write out my workouts

I am feeling yesterday's upper body routine that I found at bodybuilding.com. Today Im going to my parents house to run with my sister on this killer running trail that just so happens to go by my new house (HOPEFULLY! We find out tomorrow). So that'll be cardio. I am sticking to it girls. This plan will take me till the middle of August and then I'll switch up my plan. Its a 5 days a week sorta deal and IMO focused. More than ever I'd say. I am read for pre baby Karli. I have some more toning to do, and I still have about 10lbs I'd like to lose. So I'll keep ya'll updated on that. Ms. Kourtney Kardashian has had numerous spreads in magazines that if she can get back to pre baby shape, anyone can.

{Amazing, 'nough said.}

Don't all celebs say that? I seem to remember Kendra said that same thing. Love Kendra btw, even though her laugh can be pretty darn annoying.

Whats all your summer plans to get ready for swimsuit season 2011?


erinj0 said...

I love the way you organize your planner - color coordinated and everything!! That is something that I definitely do :) I wish I could workout like that! Keep up all the great work!!!!


Katie said...

woah!!! Thats right get em gurl!! If you keep up with your calendar you going to have one rockin body! Wish I had that motivation!!

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

Ha. did you see my post a few days ago about my lists.. I have a workout schedule too!!!!!!! I'm I am trying my hardest to stick with it!

Meredith said...

I started a running program and I'm keeping track of mine in my iphone calendar. I am a calendar/planning nut!!!