Friday, May 27, 2011

Mexico Pictures

As you can see it was a party on the plane
Daddy was a little more stoked than Mommy

The Geico Geko!
Our 1st venture out into town
View from mom and dad's condo
Troy's first ride on a public bus

So happy to be on vaca

Pre margaritas
Mamacita and I
Woah, slow down on those 'ritas, Karli
View from our dinner table

A sexy MILF on the beach

Gorgeous, no ?
"These people are cwazy!!"
View from a restaurant
Nick's Coconut Shrimp. DEEEELISH

Mr. Warren Sapp and I- Please excuse the crazy neck and no makeup
"Pwease can we stay momma?"


Raven said...

YES! I loved seeing all these pictures! I totally forgot that you were taking little babe on the trip with you. Looks like all went well!! Much better than my horror story of traveling on planes with kids. YOU ARE GORG girl!

Katie said...

Love your Mexico pictures. I just came back from Mexico too on Sunday. I have to post my pictures tomorrow.
You look soo pretty!! Gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's Warren Sapp? It really looks like Faizon Love.