Monday, May 23, 2011

Well Hello Rainy Weather, blah!

Hey there ladies! Did you miss me? I see I've got a new follower or two since Ive been gone, so welcome!! Mexico was fabulous and I have a bunch if pictures that are gonna be coming at you pretty fast, so hang onto your seats! I have mucho grocery shopping to do since there isn't a crumb in the joint, so I've decided to give my Mexico recap in bullet point form.

* Troy did fabulously on the plane rides. Fussed (meaning squirmed around) a few times, but I don't blame him, those seats are cramped as it is, then try adding a a 15lb ball of cuteness on your lap.
* Lesson to Nick: hit the tanning bed for a couple weeks prior to taking a shot at the mexican sun. Can cause some gnarly sun blisters
* If your going to be traveling to Meixco or anywhere for that matter, take a stroller. This stroller was amazing

* On the plane, this gem helped me and T Money relax a bit. He could lay down and nap or sit down on it and be in total relax mode. Which was fabulous for moi so I could get some shut eye too

I would most def recommend this for younger babes. Nick and I booked our Winter Wonderland trip to Denver in Decemeber while we were here, and we wont be needing the boppy. Troy will be gigantor. Im not kidding either ladies. Which brings me onto my next bullet point
* The FILTERED water in Mexico must have growth hormones. While we were here, Troy outgrew ALL of his 3-6 month clothes and can now only fit in 6 months. He is long. We went to the doc before we left for Mexico and he was 25.5 inches long and 14.5 lbs. I have a feeling he's longer now.
* He is talking up a storm since we've been here. All the cute baby sounds - the high pitch coo's, the growls. He's learning the sounds of his voice, and it's glorious!
* I am done with Mexican AND seafood for a bit. Zihuatanejo is a fishing town and its Mexican food with a seafood twist. It's delish, but I'm ready for some pizza and fresh salads, ya digg?
* While on the way here, I walked outta the ladies room at LAX and was face to face with the Crunk King himself, Lil John! I was starstruck, and didn't wanna sound like a white girl and say "HEY LIL JOHN!" And I didn't have my camera or a pen, so I was S.O.L. He wasn't rollin with any entourage which surprised me.
* I also saw jon favreau and Warren Sapp. Got a pic with Mr. Sapp ( will include pic soon and he's HUUUUUGE!! He was smelling like vanilla musk too haha) and jon favreau was rollin with his wife. He seemed sorta like an ass and his wife looked a little stuck up too, so I didn't say hi.


Kristen said...

Welcome Back!

Jenni said...

I just started following :) I am going to Cabo in a little over 2 weeks and couldn't be more stoked! Glad you had a great time!

The Jogger Blogger said...

We are just putting our stroller together's a Chicco, too! I am so ready to take a vacation! Post pics so I can live vicariously through you:)