Saturday, May 28, 2011

4 Months

Okay, so I'm about a week late. A lot has been going on with trying to play catch up coming back from vaca and then we have been looking at houses and tomorrow we are putting an offer on another little beauty & if we land it, I'll tell ya'll allll about it. But I can't skip over Mr. T Money's 4 month shout out.

* Is talking like crazy and blowing spit bubbles. Must be related to a Saint Bernard, cause seriously girls, it's cray-zay how much he drools

* Is in LUUURVE with his hands. They are always in his mouth, sometimes both at once. Sometimes causing his gag reflex to kick in

* Plays with toys. He is showing interest in toys finally, hallelujah! I've always looked forward to when he'd sit there with a toy and keep busy while I can do somethin right quick (ie, vacuum, put away dishes, take a shower, catch up on The Real World...)

* Smiles at pretty much anyone who says hello to him. He is a happy little baby. Then he'll usually blow his bubbles followed by a little squeak or two.

* Is in size 3 diapers and 6 month clothes. He can wear 3-6, but just 3 is out of the question. Even 3-6 is getting tight

* Is still waking up once a night, but is down from 6:30/7pm - 7/8AM. Takes about 3-4 45 minute naps a day

* He is sooooo close to rolling over from his back to tummy. He just needs to tuck his shoulder under himself and he'd be good to go

* Tried his first bite of rice cereal - didn't know what to make of it. Swallowed maybe 2 spoonfuls haha.


My Sweet Boy,

Everyday I look at you and swear you've grown overnight. One of my favorite times is getting you out of your crib in the morning and seeing you smile up at me. Daddy loves to sneak up on you and say, "RA!" and you jump, but then him and you laugh together. You are really too big for your Miracle Swaddle Blanket, but you sleep so much better with it, and I think having your arms confined to your sides, comfort you enough to fall asleep. You kick your legs a mile a minute, and I swear that all those miles I ran while pregnant gave you the itch to run one day. Mommy would love a running partner since Daddy doesn't seem to like it all that much. You get so excited with your rattle - your eyes get huge, your mouth goes in an "O" shape and your legs start to kick as if your trying to run after it. You are definitely a determined child and you want to crawl, walk, talk, run a country, all on your own. You don't realize your only a 4 month old little boy, and I think that sometimes frustrates you. You'll try and try to crawl, and you grunt and when you don't seem to move anywhere, you give the cue to mama to pick you up. One day you will run. You will run after bugs, chase after dogs, and roll on the ground until you have dirt all over yourself. And one day, you will be a lazy teenager and just want to lay flat on your face and pretend you can't get up, and I will nag at you to get up and clean your room.

You went on your 1st ever plane ride/trip to Mexico, and trust me, there will be many more. People in Mexico LOVED you. Even little kids would stop in the streets just to pinch your cheeks or look at you with adoring eyes. Daddy got a little protective and towards the end of the trip, closed the strollers umbrella so people couldn't have access to you. You were great on the plane rides and I was so thankful. Our next trip will be to Denver when you are 11 months, so Im praying you are just as good :)

We are getting so many laughs watching you discover different toys, watching your reaction when you tasted your first spoonful of rice cereal, and watching you interact with everyone. You are such a joy in our lives and we can't wait to continue to watch you grow. I can't imagine what things will change in the following month!

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy


Meredith said...

so precious! doesn't it just fly by? crazy. but so fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. He is so adorable!

Katie said...

4 months already!?? Wow time flies by so so fast!
Hes so adorable Karli!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

see these are all the reasons i have 5 kids...i've gotten to experience all these great things multiple times and each baby seems like the first time! :o)