Monday, December 12, 2011

Glitz Blog Swap!

I had the pleasure of being partnered up with Cathy from Admire the Clouds. SO glad we were paired cause I hadn't' discovered her blog before and once we were linked and I explored around, I love her!

So check out my Glitzy swag I got from Miss Cathy who resides in a country above us - OH Canada!

I feel like a total cheap ass cause in no way did I make her packaging THIS cute! Sorry Cathy, hopefully the goodies make up for it :)
Girl hooked me up with a beautiful gold/black/diamondy necklace (LOVE! Already worn twice), some glittery Sally Hansen polish (already wearing it!), a glittery pen,and a smoky eye palette. Plan to play around with this on Saturday night when the man of the house is away hunting and I've had a glass or two of wine.

I made out so well, thanks Raven and Lindsay for hooking Cathy and I up with each other. Really hoping she gets my package soon. Can't wait to hear how she likes her loot!


Arielle said...

That smokey eye palette is great! :) New follower!

Lindsey said...

love that necklace!! Thanks so much for participating. I love it alL!!! yOU BETTER show us your smokey eyes after you test that stuff out!!

Cathy said...

got your package today !!! Love love love it ! and glad you enjoyed yours !

I think I'm being blog retarded cause I can't figure out how to follow you!! lol

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Wishing I had known about it in time because it looks like it was blast!