Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Angelina

No, not Angelina Ballerina - she is not a husband stealer with big lips.

THIS Angelina is.

I was browsing the educational side of the internet and came across this article. Basically talking about how Angelina goes on starvation diets due to the fact that when she visits countries where children can't eat, why should she be able to? How do you feel about this? Don't get me wrong, if I ever get the opportunity visit less fortunate countries such as Ethiopia where kids don't eat for weeks, I won't be chowing down on my flown in Carls Jr, but I wouldn't purposely starve myself. t mean, I get the concept of it and I think on some level it's great that she tries to be on their level of poverty and relate better, but I don't like her as it is, so I'm calling her crazy. It does make me sad to think babies in so many countries go hungry. Makes me want to pump and donate.

In other news...

KFed supposedly collapsed in Australia desert on their version of "Celebrity Fit Club". Really don't' feel sorry for him, he is another adulterer who actually left his PREGNANT wifey for Ms. Britney Jean Spears. And really, that is what your famous for Mr. "Why does everyone only see me as Britney Spears ex husband?".

Uh, how about cause you are and always will be.


Breanna said...

I'm so glad I am not the only one who cant stand her!! Ugh!