Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WAAAAAH (Said in my Snookie voice)

I wanna go to a Christmas party. Like a "put on your cute little dress, with sexy heels" kinda party. Since I am a stay at work mom, I don't have an "office" to go throughout the year and then later attend a office Christmas party. Nickmeister does however, work for one of the richest companies in the WORLD - hint, it's a fruit. So why oh WHY has there not been a Christmas party planned and prepped for his department? Im reading all your blogs drooling over your adorable and fabulously put together outfits and throwing myself a pity party!

I got these phenomenal Chinese Laundry peep toe heels the other week at Marshalls - mama loves herself a bargain.

Image from here

For how much you ask? $15.00. Normally on sale for $39. So you see, I NEED to wear these somewhere. And lots not forget these babies I got for my birthday

They would go perfect with this dress I wore NYE circa 2007/2008 from Arden B

So ya see - I MUST go to a Christmas party. Tata for now ladies!


erin said...

My workplace had a Christmas party, but I wasn't looking forward to going to it. Luckily (?) it was the same night as the great stomach bug of 2011, so I missed it.

babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, oh my! said...

no work party for me either...but i to am ok with that!
BUT you do need a place to go with those shoes and that dress!!

Amber said...

Love the shoes! I have been trying to follow you and I don't see where to do it! Love your blog! We didn't have a fancy party to go to this year either so I am going all out for NYE! We are going to the beach overnight and I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Love both pairs of heels! Love that dress too!