Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Brother is Back!

Top Row Left to Right: Wil, Kara, Shane, Jenn, Frank
2nd Row Left to Right: Ashley, Joe, Danielle, Willie
Bottom Row Left to Right: Jodi, Ian, JoJo

YES YES YES! Summer time = Big Brother time. Lets discuss...who watched it and who do you love? 

I actually don't have any favorites as of yet. Wil, with 1 L, is going to get on my nerves with that hair, just warning you now. I don't think Danielle is going to last with competitions. The only way she'll stay in the game is if she hooks up with a really strong alliance. Why did she lie about her occupation? I don't see how people would say, "Oh you're a nurse?! Dang you're a MAJOR threat!". So Im confused on that. JoJo will be on the same boat - she better hook up with an alliance or get in with some guy who is in a good one, cause she doesn't look to be the best at the competitions. 

I had never heard of the band Kitty, and it was Nick who was all impressed that Jenn is from that band, is someone on Big Brother. I guess they were a heavy metal chick band. 

I never watched the season when Jenelle was on the show, but from what I gather people either love her or hate her. When she came on, Nick goes, "Who's that giant?!" hehe ooooo silly boys. 

And judge me all you want, but I thought Willie was sorta cute? Am I wrong in thinking this? Anyone? Anyone? Everyone is already onto him with knowing his aggressive game playing brother who was on Survivor and their not liking it. They figure if his brother was infamously known for playing a dirty game, he will be too. Which he straight up said, he will cause chaos, which lets face it, makes for entertaining TV. So game on Willie! He's gonna need a tight alliance too if people are already thinking he's sketchy. 

I was sorta bummed they didn't bring back Evil Dick for one of the coaches, was anyone else? I really liked him and how CBS played 5 seconds of a guitar rift whenever he was about to appear or talk. Please, 1 look at Dick or word out of him , and this man needs no musical introduction, we know what kinda guy he is.

I am SO excited for this weekend - My bff, Jenni turned 30 yesterday. So to celebrate we are going on a getaway to Six Flags, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Winchester Mystery House, and then out wreck havoc at night. Only kidding on wrecking havoc - we are all parents which means we will probably be dog tired by 11pm :) Her uncle has a bar down in San Jose and has hooked us up with a bunch of places to bar hop and also a swanky hotel. So pics to come on Monday from this cray cray weekend! Have a great weekend lovely readers!


Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I recorded it last night but haven't watched it yet.

Hailey said...

We are obsessed with big brother!! Like you, I still don't have a favorite. I do love that Brittany is back. Nobody will ever be as good as Jeff and Jordan though :)

Amber said...

I have NEVER watched Big Brother. And how dare you not tell me you were going oot?! Have fun! Can't wait for the recap on the weekend shenanigans!

Megan said...

A mystery house sounds like so much fun! I've wanted to do one of those for SO long!!

Anonymous said...

Love love love Big Brother! I'm anxious to see what Willie does. He is pretty cute. ;)