Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The OC Reunion Recap

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Oh my goodness, who enjoyed the Real Housewives of OC Reunion as much as I did? I think it's HILAR that Andy was the only one who flew up out of their chair and freaked out. These are all high maintenance women and they kept still with their screaming. I kept rewinding it over and over because I couldn't get enough.

So less discuss Tamara -
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did Gretchen do her hair? It was very big Texas to me, and Gretchen loves that big hair. I don't like Tamara. I think she is/was a terrible friend to Vicki and just wants to hang out with Gretchen cause she's younger than her and is "cool" and obviously prettier. There is an underlying reason for them being friends, I just can't put my finger on it. And side note - she is NOT a good fake crier. It actually makes me sorta mad when she does it, cause its so ridiculous and no one feels sorry for her. Like when they recapped Eddie proposing? Pu-lease sister. Good idea, cover up your face with the fedora because we don't wanna see your fake cry face.

Gretchen -
I had to add an untainted from the OC pic of Gretchen.

I can tell she's sad about losing Alexis & I think she should be. Even tho Alexis isn't the brightest crayon in the box, her and Gretchen seemed like good legit friends. Typical how fast your friends turn on you in the OC. I actually love the color dress she is wearing and love that her lipstick matches even more! She wears a TON of makeup on that face tho.

Heather -
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I actually like Heather and her quirky plastic surgeon hubby, Terry. She is a straight shooter, will tell it to your face and will "own it" (like Vicki says). I liked the poof she had going on. "If everyone says your dead, it's time to lay down." You tell her Heather!

Vicki -
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I think its HILARIOUS & honest, that she owned up to the fact that she doesn't care if Brooks is blowing smoke up her arse. Cause in my opinion, which I do throw around on here, I think he's bad news. I think he's using her for fame & money an is trying to come off as this quiet good ol' Southern boy from Mississippi. He has 4 kids that he doesn't pay child support on, which Vicki tore into Slade for last year *hypocrite cough cough* and Breanna (Vicki's daughteR) doesn't like him. I HATE that Vicki doesn't take her kids opinions into consideration. I don't care if you are in your 40's/50's Vicki, if your kids have valid reasons for wanting to protect you from some loser and don't like him? He's gotta go.

Alexis -
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she looked gorgeous and very feminine. She needs to cool it on that botox and lip stuff tho. I cannot believe she called Gretchen out that she's been lying about wearing extensions and having her lips done!! Okay, so I gotta say, shame on Gretchen. She pushes her makeup/hair products like cray cray on Twitter, and says its her lip gloss that plumps her lips like so. Riiiiiight, G. Ive never heard Gretchen say she doesn't use extensions, but seriously its NO surprise, I knew that from day 1. Then they talked about Jim, Alexis's husband. I think Jim does wear the pants in the family, and I think Alexis isn't one to argue back, and the other ladies give her such a hard time about it. I thinK Alexis's compliant manner is taken for Jim being this almost abusive husband. I mean, he is a little strong/blunt for MY taste, but Im not someone who holds their tongue either in my marriage. If I want to do something or go somewhere, Nick has a say in it of course, but if he talked to me how Jim does, I would be like "exude moi!?" Jim and Alexis marriage is very old fashioned & I can relate to that because I take care of the house/Troy and Nick brings home the bacon and wears the pants in the family, which I love.

So excited for part 2! What did y'all think?


Amber said...

I am dying! I can't believe you posted that horrid pic of Gretchen! She has come a one way and she will NEVER admit to having a total face re-haul. She is super gross, I actually believed her when she said she didn't have extensions! Anyway...did you read my recap??? I swear our recaps are basically the same...twinsies!

Kasey said...

AHHH I want to follow your blog but I cant find the follow button anywhere?!?!? help! :)

Jill@babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, Oh My! said...

i love it! just finished watching since i couldn't watch last night and had to wait for the kiddos to head to bed before i cold start it! im in love with heather i think she is funny! i could do without tamara, she is nasty! will sad when the season is officially over!