Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Letters - Link it up, homies!

Dear Self: You rocked it yesterday. You were like superwoman! Making a surprise dessert for the newbies  on your hunnie's team at work. Then tackling that mound of dishes in the sink, while running outside to do more coats of paint to your Pinterest inspired Stella & Dot display set up? Bravo! Girlfraaaand, first Trunk Show is tomorrow, and you're gonna rock it - we got this. Dear Hubbinator: I know you're exhausted from this new management position. So much so that when you get home all you wanna do is collapse on the couch and just XBOX the heck out. Please know, I notice how hard you bust that ass for our family & it's been duly noted my friend. Dear Mom: I am thankful I have you so close. When I see how much fun Troy has with you and dad, I never wish we still lived in North Carolina still - Troy loves y'all to pieces...and his new helicopter. Dear Old Lady & Old Man (I shall refer to them as "The Dems") at the gym: So Im taking this week as the week you've made your point clear. Ever since y'all started coming to the gym when I do, we have had a war in the cardio room. A war that has been going on for years all over the USA: CNN vs. Fox News. I understand you like to have smoke blown up your asses watch your liberal media, but I like my conservative media. That is fine, lets agree to disagree. But now you both have mean mugged me while in the weight room, where what was on TV was not an issue. Lines are drawn, liberals! Just know if I can help it, you will not have your free healthcare come next year. Dear Sister: I miss you. Home isn't the same without you and the Boo living in our hometown. Come back ASAP. Dear People who are making a deal about Chick Fil A: If you don't like what this KNOWN CHRISTIAN ESTABLISHMENT believes in, then don't eat there. Plain and simple. Way to hate on people with different beliefs as yourself - oh wait, isn't that what YOU'RE bagging on them for? For believing something you don't believe in? Hypocrites. And for the record, stop making it out like Christians hate homosexuals because that's false. Dear Weekend: I am so excited for you! I am going to show you how much by sleeping in tomorrow waking up when Troy wakes me up.


Christina S said...

Very cute blog!
Found on the Friday Letters link up!

New follower :)

erin said...

Ugh, it irks me SO much when people call all Christians who speak out against same-sex marriage "homophobic" and "haters." They're completely missing the point.

Lizzy said...

We are so alike in many ways!!!! I'm actually surprised that my ex's parents watch Fox News, and they are both die hard democrats!

And as for Chick Fil-A, I haven't eaten there, but there is one going in near me and I will have to try it when it opens. People aren't forcing other people to eat there who don't agree with their thinking. Too many protests and violence these days for stupid things like not agreeing with what they believe in. Move on people, its 2012!

Chelsea said...

CUTE blog! I found you from the link up and I cannot wait to read more :)

Kristen said...

Love this post!