Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Want

So there I was running on my boyfriend, Tread Mill this morning, and I started to go over the things I want in life. You know, the stuff that REALLY matters. Obviously, we all want financial stability for life, which includes extra money for splurges, a nice house, a Pinterest worthy wardrobe, etc. But when it REALLY comes down to it, these are the things that when I am on my death bad, I want to be able to say I had:

1. I want to be a good mom.
I want Troy (and my other unborn), to look back and have memories of me being a good mom. To be doing fun things with them, getting dirty with them, building living room forts, laughing, not worrying about messes, and loving them unconditionally. One day when Troy's future wife says, "hey babe, we should have your badass mom over for dinner!" I want him to be like, "Hell yes, lets do it!" Rather than, "ugh, why?". Im no dumby, I know he's not going really like me during his ridiculous teen years, but he'll get over it when he is in his 20's.

2. I want to be a good wife.

Ask Nick, we can check this off the list, like yesterday! Im not trying to be conceited, I know I have many faults, and am no way perfect, but I know Im a pretty decent wife. I just want to continue to be. We've been married 7 going on 8 years, and I always here, "Well you may like each other now, but wait until you've been married 30 years!" As Brad Paisley sings, he's the rocking chair I want rockin right beside me and I hope he'd agree.

3. I want to get my body in border line fitness competitor shape.
Miss Felicia Romero
Like those chicks you see on Oxygen Magazine? Yup, I want that! Im on the road to it, but far from it. I just REALLY need to clean up some of the things I put in my mouth - Im talking to YOU Bud Light Lime.

4. I want to live a Christlike life.

Im so not perfect in this, but Im working on it. Its a good thing God doesn't expect us to be perfect or even TRY. He takes us as we are and forgives those who have accepted him. I am throwing myself into the Bible lately and daily devotionals, just to be closer to hear Him. I did this Beth Moore study on the book of James called Mercy Triumphs and I swear, it changed my life y'all. Seriously. Everyone takes away something different from their studies, and I took away "The Royal Law" (Im not making this up, James says in the Bible that this is the Royal Law) that we should all love one another. Have mercy on people. Obviously I don't LOVE what Obama stands for, but I don't have to hate him. I can love the person, hate the sin (or political affiliation).